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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Amish Kitchen Products | Non-electric | Off-Grid | Kitchen Tools | Gadgets

Cottage Craft Works Country Living General Store will surprise you with an emporium of all types of   Amish kitchen tools and gadgets.

If your looking for simple back-to-basic kitchen counter top appliances and gadgets, this store will intrigue you for hours.  Cottage Craft Works .com has some of the hardest to find non-electric kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances.

From American made pressure cookers, canners, to heavy duty commercial grade hand crank conversion mixers and food processors, Cottage Craft Works has went deep inside the Amish communities to find and bring to the general market items that will satisfy the prepper to vintage kitchen lover cook.


The Popular Little Dutch Maid Mixer has been sold around the world.  It's a hand crank mixer that will mix large batches of bread dough and mashed potatoes as well as general mixer uses.  Add the optional slicer and shredder to have a complete hand crank off-grid food processor.

For the Kitchen Aid lovers, an Amish hand crank conversion mixer is also available, or you can have an old mixer converted.

The Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Drainboard is an extremely popular product, read the review and see just how practical and popular this drainboard has become.  Like many of the Amish products at Cottage Craft Works you won't find it any where else on the Internet.

The Little Pie Maker is also a very popular Amish made product.  Since it was first offered home kitchens as well as commercial kitchen owners and caterers have been extremely pleased to finally have a heavy commercial grade pie roller that didn't cost them a fortune.

USA Stoneware Pottery at Cottage Craft Works, provides a large selection of the old fashioned mixing and batter bowls, crocks, and churns.

You will want to spend time looking over the many different kitchen products at Cottage Craft Works .com

Amish Products | Amish Home Products

Everything Amish- this unique online Amish product general store will fascinate you for hours looking through all the old fashioned products made and used in the Amish communities.

Whether you're looking for off-grid non-electric or old fashioned reproduction Amish products for the home you will likely find it at the back-to-basics general store.

Working directly with over 100 Amish shops from across the Midwest, Cottage Craft Works brings you high quality hand crafted Amish products that you may have thought no longer existed.

And if you need something custom made, you will find ready and eager to assist customer service to help you with all your project needs.

From woodworking to stainless steel fabrication Cottage Craft Works has provided custom made products to homes, business, as well as commercial and industrial users.

Product pages are also very custom friendly.  By using drop down boxes at the bottom of the product pages you can select such things, as size, color, woods, and additional features.

You can even build a complete box wagon, add the bows and canvas to make it a covered wagon, or even add a chuck box and order an Amish built authentic chuck wagon.


Amish sewing cabinets are a specialty for Cottage Craft Works.  They are the only Amish furniture outfitter that will build custom cabinets with choices of hardwoods, door and drawer fronts, and cabinet configuration for both left and right hand sewers.

The popular stunning reproduction Singer treadle sewing cabinets receive raving reviews.

Exclusive and original products. Many of the products at Cottage Craft Works are exclusive Amish products that you will not find anywhere on the Internet.  From the J & P Coats reproduction Spool Cabinet to The Little Pie Maker, Cottage Craft Works has developed relationships with Amish shops over the past 30 years to make practical heavy duty products.

Its the type of products that once you have them you will wonder how you ever did without them.  The Amish made stainless steel drain boards are another popular item.  These heavy duty kitchen sink drain boards will only enhance a new stainless steel kitchen while providing protection of new granite counter tops and kitchen cabinets.  Extra large drainboard size allows plenty of room for a standard drying rack with space for long kitchen utensils.  Need one built different just click on custom size using the drop down box at the bottom of the page and send them your measurements.

Need a replacement gun stock?  Yes you will find them at Cottage Craft Works as well as one of the largest online selections of hunting and game calls, leather and nylon gun holsters and gun accessories.

The Amish hand carved gun stocks were even featured in the March 2011 issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.

Pie Making Machine | Fry Pie Machine | Baking Equipment

The Little Pie Maker

Now a commercial grade hand crank pie machine priced for the home or small pie shop.  Make up to 200 uniform 3-1/2" X 5" pies and pastries per hour.

Your only limitation will be how fast you can make the dough.  

All rust free construction using only aluminum and stainless parts!

You will only find it at Cottage Craft Works!  

All American Made Product exclusive from our Amish friends!
This USA Amish made pie making wonder machine is commercial grade being used in Amish and non-Amish homes, bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and institutions.
Measures 14-1/4’ wide (19-1/4” including handle) X 11” deep X 9” tall.
Priced for home use commercial enough to use in a business.
Ideal for families to go together and make large batches of various meat and fruit pies to freeze for the season.
Start your own Franchise or add to an existing restaurant menu.
Pie maker is also perfect for institutional use as well as church and school fund raising events at fall festivals and sporting events.
It will make all types of fried and baked fruit pies, as well as meat pies.  Simply roll the pie dough out as you would to make a pie, place it on top of the mold, add ingredients and then roll and fold.

Works the best with 1/8" thick flour dough. Dough must be rolled out flat to place on the dies. Having the dough rolled out and cut into 6" rounds will speed up the process. (Not recommended to use with corn flour dough). 
The machine does the folding, crimping, and trimming while it seals the shell making it ready for the deep fryer or oven.  Drops a perfect pie every time into your hand.
Heavy duty construction consisting of a metal powder coated cast aluminum base, stainless steel shafts and screws with food grade polished aluminum molding rollers. There's nothing that will ever rust.

With the rubber feet and its weight, this machine stays in place on any counter top.
Easy to clean and use with very little training or special skills.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Commercial Style Stainless Steel Sink Drain Board For The Home Size Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Drain Board

this lens' photo
Many have discovered their new commercial style home Stainless-Steel-kitchen falls short at the kitchen sink when it comes time to clean up all those large stock pots, pans and utensils. The Stainless-Steel-drain-board from Cottage Craft Works .Com provides a great addition to allow those large pots, pans, and utensils to air dry next to the sink without water running all of the counter and on to the floor.
Stainless Steel Sink Drain BoardSo you have completed your commercial style kitchen, you have the Viking Stove with all the large stock pots and pans but your first encounter with the home sized kitchen sink left you with a mop up of the kitchen counter and the floor. After the first pot was finally maneuvered in the small sink, there was no place to turn it up sided down to air dry, and you still had more to go plus the utensils. What shall you do? Purchase one of those flimsy plastic tray drain boards? It will look terrible on the new granite counter top, and besides they just lay flat and will not drain back into the sink anyway.Consider a heavy-duty- Stainless-Steel-drain-board from Cottage Craft Works. This stainless steel drain board sits next to your sink allowing all the water to quickly drain back into the sink. Measures 20-1/2 x 18-1/4 and slant from 2-1/2 down to the sink, so it even fit over raised rim sinks and still allow water to drain back into the sink. The drain board will Fit either right or left sides, so if you have open area on each side consider buying two!

The drain board is right at home in the new commercial look home kitchen with it's Stainless-Steel-design. weighs 4 lbs.

Cottage Craft Works features all types of unique products to solve life's most simple challenges. From home, farm & garden, hunting, sustainable building, to the kitchen. Cottage Craft Works has American made lasting products for those seeking a more self-sufficient sustainable and less complex lifestyle.

Pony Cart Ride On Peddle Toy Kit

Amish made peddle pony cart
Amish made peddle pony cart
Sleigh Kit
Sleigh Kit
Amish Made tricycle and trailers.
Amish Made tricycle and trailers.

Rarely can you still find an old fashioned peddle ride on toy that will last for generations.

At one time a ride on peddle toy was the most popular outdoor toy.
Be it a peddle car, fire engine, or an old fashioned hand car, kids could spend hours as they were also building mussels and core strength.
As time progress the all plastic big wheel shoved the market to a cheaper alternative that often ended up in a landfill.
Absolutely no plastic parts in this peddle cart kit.
The cart kit also includes metal wheels, and ball bearings in the steering and drive shaft.
A Perfect project for a grandparent who loved these type of projects but may only be able to paint and assemble now. There’s no cutting required.
Everything is cut and already glued together, including the seat made of ¾” wood and the horse made of ¾” laminated pine plywood.
Pony cart comes with the two wheel cart hitched to a wooden pony. The peddles not only connect to the drive shaft, but they also connect to the horse legs to simulate the horse trotting along as the child rides.
Pony cart is built in an Amish blacksmith shop and ships already assembled ready for paint, stain or varnish.
Cart is used by Amish children from the ages of 5 up to 11.
The cart and horse measures around 40” long, 24” wide and 18” high.
Surfaces are sanded smooth but may need a final sanding before finishing. Metal hardware will also need to be painted.
Pony cart is sold unfinished so that it can be painted, or stained and varnished to match a child’s image of their favorite pony.
This also means the finish can be hand selected for those who are concerned with what is in the finish.
The pony cart kit is only available online at Cottage Craft Works .com
Cottage Craft Works is a unique online back to basic general store that offers many wood working kits as well as complete finished products.
While 90% of the products come from within the Amish communities, other small American cottage based business products are also featured.
It's the kind of stuff most of us grew up with and remember before plastic ever invaded the market place.
Like the pony cart kit, many of these products will be future family heirlooms.

Build An Heirloom Grandfather Clock Using These Pre-cut Clock Kits.

These pre-cut ready to assemble grandfather clocks will leave a stunning impression and a heirloom legacy.

Kits come complete with all the wood parts, beveled glass and a high quality German made 8-day triple chime movement.
The clock will chime with the three most popular chimes, Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington chimes.
No worry about keeping the household awake at night with an automatic night shut off.
You will need the carpentry and woodworking tools and basic knowledge of glue up the cabinet.
One of the secrets in glue up construction is to have a large assortment of wood working clamps to properly align and apply equal pressure across the glue joints.
The other key to a successful finish is to be sure all the excess glue squeezed from the joints if completely washed off the outside wooden parts.
Once excess glue dries it seals the wood and leaves blotch marks when the stain is applied.
Wood cabinet parts are made in the USA by skilled craftsman. Some minor small trim cutting may be required.
Keeping grandfather clock completely level is critical; the pendulum will not swing correctly to keep the proper time.
If the clock is tilted toward the front or back the pendulum may rub on the case and cause damage. The clock kits include leveling legs.
A locking door keeps helping hands from messing up the chain and weight system.
Two models are available; both have the option of oak or cherry.
The traditional St. Paul and St. John models have carved finial and keystone raised crotch top. The York and Nottingham models formal have tiered bonnet arched tops with raised book match panels.
Complete grandfather clock kits run $2000 in either oak or cherry. These clocks sold completely assembled would cost up to $4000.
Purchase grandfather clock kits at Cottage Craft Works .com

Quilt Patterns | Quilting Patterns | Quilt Designs | Amish Quilts

Amish quilt pattern book
Amish quilt pattern book
Sample Quilt Instructions
Sample Quilt Instructions
Log Cabin Amish Quilt
Log Cabin Amish Quilt
Deluxe Custom Amish Sewing Center
Deluxe Custom Amish Sewing Center
Reproduction Singer Sewing Cabinet
Reproduction Singer Sewing Cabinet

Amish Trip Around the Star Quilt Pattern book.

Quilters from across the country flock to Amish quilt stores and shows to see, touch and feel the quality quilts made by the Amish.
Many seek the experience and knowledge of the Amish quilt makers, but are just unable to communicate with this rather standoffish culture.
Quilters, this is your opportunity to obtain a complete A-Z quilt pattern book to make this complex Amish Trip Around the Star Quilt Design.
The Amish design pattern book comes with all cutting templates, layout and sewing instructions to make a 100” x 105” (89” X 105” finished size) quilt.
This is the first pattern of a series of different Amish quilt patterns to be offered by Cottage Craft Works .com.
The cost of the pattern book is $12.50 plus USPS shipping.
The complete five page booklet is designed by an avid Amish quilter, providing a complete material listing, cutting chart, assembly diagrams for each section with step by step instructions to complete this complex quilt design.
Cottage Craft Works .com is an online back to basic store that provides a direct market place for cottage based businesses like the small Amish quilt shops.
With an accumulation of over 5000 high quality products from over 100 Amish and non-Amish small shops, Cottage Craft Works has established a full line old time general store all online.
A large segment of products are geared to the home sewing and quilter enthusiast featuring sewing cabinets, treadle machines and the only company offering Singer treadle reproduction cabinets.
All sewing cabinets are USA Amish crafted and can be customized with different door and drawer fronts, extensions and back drop tables to fit every quilters dream work table.
Completed or Custom Amish quilts can be purchased as well as quilters can have their quilt tops and liners hand stitched together by Amish quilters.

Hunting | Wild Turkey | Turkey Hunting Calls

CCW Handcrafted Turkey Calls

The original 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Call
The original 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Call
The CCW Halfmoon Turkey Box Call
The CCW Halfmoon Turkey Box Call
The Original 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Box Call
The Original 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Box Call
The Four Star 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Box Call
The Four Star 4-1 Combo|Owl|Crow|Hawk|Turkey Box Call
CCW Dual Slate Friction Pot Turkey Call
CCW Dual Slate Friction Pot Turkey Call
CCW Halfmoon Handle Turkey Box Call
CCW Halfmoon Handle Turkey Box Call

Let's Talk Turkey Hunting

Let's talk Turkey, at CCW we are all about turkey hunting and game calls. We have the best looking best sounding and best priced handcrafted turkey hunting calls on the market. We are the only one offering two different styles of a 4-1 Combo | Owl | Crow | Hawk | Turkey Box Call. Our calls are field proven and offer the highest quality at the same price you would pay for just a plain Jane unfinished call at the big sporting goods store. So why would you want to talk turkey with anyone else? If you are looking for a quality box call, or friction call we have them and in several different styles. We will even custom engrave or custom fit for the disabled hunter.

Hunting | Waterfowl | Decoys | Tangle Free Riggings

Now imagine my fears working with decoys, rigging cords and weights

That makes me the official untangler! I spend hours sorting out the knots and kinks left after my husband tangles everything together.
It doesn't matter a ball of twine, fishing line, strings of Christmas lights, rope or extension cords he can put them away carefully, but when it comes time to use again just one pull out of the box and it’s a mess.
Now imagine my fears working with decoys, rigging cords and weights. Yea, the weights get wrapped around other lines, duck heads and who can imagine what else.
Now imagine how happy I was to find these tangle free rigging's made in the USA.
They are made heavy duty using a PVC coated cable that won’t crimp or stretch and best of all they won’t tangle together.
Traditional rigs are made using rope or monofilament line. As we know rope tangles and monofilament line acts like it has come into contact with a curling iron, twisting and curling around just about anything that it can.
Rope and nylon materials also absorb water and have to be replaced often when the fibers begin to break down.
You can throw the decoys in a bag with these rigging's attached, dump them at the edge of the water and pull one by one out free of tangles.
Picking them up after the hunt is great as well. Using the old rigging's keeping your hands out of the cold water was virtually impossible as you round up the decoys.
With these rigs you simply lift the decoy out of the water by its head and slip the rigging loop on to a “D” Ring clip.
You can hang them to dry using the “D” Ring and then just pick them up and drop them in a bag for the next outing.
They even come with a camo carrying bag.
The innovated rigging's have a slip lead that allows the decoy to automatically adjust to the water depth.
The rigs clip on to the decoy keel, there’s no knot tying needed. The strong cable will never rot or break so decoys don’t drift away.
The PVC coated cable also stays flexible even on cold days.
The standard 48” long rigs come packaged per dozen all made up and equipped with 4 oz teardrop weights.
Custom rigs can also be ordered shorter, longer, or with heavier weights.
A dozen rigs with the "D" Ring and camo bag will run you around $35. Not bad considering these are ready to snap and go.
Sorry guys this great idea is already Patent Pending.
Tangle Free Decoy rigs can be order at Cottage Craft Works .com
Cottage Craft Works is a full line back-to-basics general store with a large selection of American made gun accessories, hunting and outdoor gear.

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