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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hunting | Waterfowl | Decoys | Tangle Free Riggings

Now imagine my fears working with decoys, rigging cords and weights

That makes me the official untangler! I spend hours sorting out the knots and kinks left after my husband tangles everything together.
It doesn't matter a ball of twine, fishing line, strings of Christmas lights, rope or extension cords he can put them away carefully, but when it comes time to use again just one pull out of the box and it’s a mess.
Now imagine my fears working with decoys, rigging cords and weights. Yea, the weights get wrapped around other lines, duck heads and who can imagine what else.
Now imagine how happy I was to find these tangle free rigging's made in the USA.
They are made heavy duty using a PVC coated cable that won’t crimp or stretch and best of all they won’t tangle together.
Traditional rigs are made using rope or monofilament line. As we know rope tangles and monofilament line acts like it has come into contact with a curling iron, twisting and curling around just about anything that it can.
Rope and nylon materials also absorb water and have to be replaced often when the fibers begin to break down.
You can throw the decoys in a bag with these rigging's attached, dump them at the edge of the water and pull one by one out free of tangles.
Picking them up after the hunt is great as well. Using the old rigging's keeping your hands out of the cold water was virtually impossible as you round up the decoys.
With these rigs you simply lift the decoy out of the water by its head and slip the rigging loop on to a “D” Ring clip.
You can hang them to dry using the “D” Ring and then just pick them up and drop them in a bag for the next outing.
They even come with a camo carrying bag.
The innovated rigging's have a slip lead that allows the decoy to automatically adjust to the water depth.
The rigs clip on to the decoy keel, there’s no knot tying needed. The strong cable will never rot or break so decoys don’t drift away.
The PVC coated cable also stays flexible even on cold days.
The standard 48” long rigs come packaged per dozen all made up and equipped with 4 oz teardrop weights.
Custom rigs can also be ordered shorter, longer, or with heavier weights.
A dozen rigs with the "D" Ring and camo bag will run you around $35. Not bad considering these are ready to snap and go.
Sorry guys this great idea is already Patent Pending.
Tangle Free Decoy rigs can be order at Cottage Craft Works .com
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