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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pony Cart Ride On Peddle Toy Kit

Amish made peddle pony cart
Amish made peddle pony cart
Sleigh Kit
Sleigh Kit
Amish Made tricycle and trailers.
Amish Made tricycle and trailers.

Rarely can you still find an old fashioned peddle ride on toy that will last for generations.

At one time a ride on peddle toy was the most popular outdoor toy.
Be it a peddle car, fire engine, or an old fashioned hand car, kids could spend hours as they were also building mussels and core strength.
As time progress the all plastic big wheel shoved the market to a cheaper alternative that often ended up in a landfill.
Absolutely no plastic parts in this peddle cart kit.
The cart kit also includes metal wheels, and ball bearings in the steering and drive shaft.
A Perfect project for a grandparent who loved these type of projects but may only be able to paint and assemble now. There’s no cutting required.
Everything is cut and already glued together, including the seat made of ¾” wood and the horse made of ¾” laminated pine plywood.
Pony cart comes with the two wheel cart hitched to a wooden pony. The peddles not only connect to the drive shaft, but they also connect to the horse legs to simulate the horse trotting along as the child rides.
Pony cart is built in an Amish blacksmith shop and ships already assembled ready for paint, stain or varnish.
Cart is used by Amish children from the ages of 5 up to 11.
The cart and horse measures around 40” long, 24” wide and 18” high.
Surfaces are sanded smooth but may need a final sanding before finishing. Metal hardware will also need to be painted.
Pony cart is sold unfinished so that it can be painted, or stained and varnished to match a child’s image of their favorite pony.
This also means the finish can be hand selected for those who are concerned with what is in the finish.
The pony cart kit is only available online at Cottage Craft Works .com
Cottage Craft Works is a unique online back to basic general store that offers many wood working kits as well as complete finished products.
While 90% of the products come from within the Amish communities, other small American cottage based business products are also featured.
It's the kind of stuff most of us grew up with and remember before plastic ever invaded the market place.
Like the pony cart kit, many of these products will be future family heirlooms.

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