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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

High End Hunting Gear Belts

Hunting gear inspired by the American heritage of famous hunting gear and products.

Pro Skeet BeltCoyote Leather Company designs hunting gear for the discriminating hunter who demands the absolute best quality and craftsmanship. Professional grade gear designed by a hunter who uses and test each product he makes.

The line up of Coyote products include a professional skeet shooters belt, a professional hunters belt, and a professional dog trainers belt. Each belt has easy on and off accessories to complete the outfit. Items can be moved or changed to meet the needs of the day or the type of hunt.

Leather lanyards with real silver accents of the hunted animal or bird, provide quick and easy access to single or multiple calls. Leather duck and goose straps to strap the birds and waterfowl to a game belt will bring back the nostalgia of old time hunting pictures using this type of gear.

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