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Friday, October 28, 2011

Side Winder Fishing Line Spool Holder

Introducing the Side Winder fishing line spool holder, this clever American made device is simple inexpensive and will save you hours while trying to change out fishing line on a reel.  It quickly clamps on to any fishing rod and keeps just the right tension to keep the line from slacking and bunching up on the reel.


The Side Winder is very portable and can be used out on the water.  If you drop it over board don’t worry it is made of 100% flexible plastic so it will float.  Compact enough to fit in a vest pocket or carry one in the tackle box.
Nylon nuts will provide long service; no metal makes this spool holder perfect for salt water use.

The Side Winder will hold both 700 and 100 yard spools of fishing line.  It comes in color options of red, white or blue.

Purchase online for only $6.95 with free shipping at Cottage Craft Works.  The Side Winder is located under the outdoors fishing sports tab located in the Hunting and Outdoors section.  You won’t find this clever device in Wally World or even your local fishing store.  Only Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the back roads of America to find unique products from small businesses and cottage based industries to bring our back-to-basics customers a more wholesome self-sufficient life style.

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