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Friday, October 28, 2011

Use this non-electric large capacity mixer at your next cook off competition

If your cook off competition requires hand mixing large batches of baking mixes, salads, and sauces without using electricity consider the Little Dutch Maid hand crank mixer from Cottage Craft Works .Com

The Little Dutch Maid hand crank mixer, formerly sold as the Troycraft Mixer is a large 4 Qt Capacity Commercial Grade non-electric mixer.  It is perfect for Dutch oven cook offs and other reenactment cook offs where electricity is not allowed.

Now you can have an edge on the competition during high stakes cook offs.   The Little Dutch Maid was originally designed for large Amish families and gatherings where large quantity baking and food processing was needed using no electricity.

The Little Dutch Maid comes standard with a 4-qt heavy duty high impact plastic bowel with a splash guard cover, two stainless steel attachments with twin beating whisks and a dough hook.  The top part is actually made by Bosh for quality and durability. 

The two speed gear mechanism cranks easy and smooth.  The hand crank has two ports for either high speed mixing for sauces and creams, or a low speed for thick and heavy mixes such as bread and cookie dough.  There is no need to speed up or slow down the hand cranking process.  The unit allows large scale batch cooking with less fatigue on the arms and wrist.

A complete food processor, slicer, and chopper are also available for the Little Dutch Maid.  

Don’t mistake this machine as a cheap plastic mass produced imported mixer for novelty tailgate parties. The Little Dutch Maid is Amish built in a small factory in Ohio.  Each piece is made and assembled to provide a long lasting durable product for high quantity daily use.  The heavy base is made cast aluminum, powder coated the same as high end electric stand mixers.  The top utilizes Stainless Steel and high impact plastics also used in high end German engineered mixers.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics general store featuring all the old time products that you grew up.  Products handed down from previous generations now considered antiques are still being manufactured for those seeking a self-sufficient off grid simpler lifestyle.

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