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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cottage Craft Works offers some very affordable American made Deer and Game Feeders.

These are some of the most unique and most affordable feeders on the market.  They are simple and won’t cost you and arm and leg.  Made from 100% high density polyethylene for years of hard use. 

The Rancho feeder is made in two versions.  You can select one that will slide into a standard 2” hitch or one to bolt onto a bumper or rack of an ATV.  A simple pull cord opens and shuts a trap door, and unlike other feeders the corn and grain stays in one narrow path to lead the deer and game right to your location.  Price starts at only $49.95

The Bazuka Feeder will revolutionize the way you use deer corn and other grains to bring them to your stand.  It is a long handheld feeder that holds 10 lbs. of corn or grains.  A simple push button allows you to dispense a small pile of feed or a continuous stream to your blind.  The stopper will hold a cotton ball saturated with lure scent to even treat the grains as they exit the device.  Best of all this feeder only cost $22.95

No need to tie up expensive feeders in just one location, the Chiquito Feeder is a simple tube that hangs from a tree or fence post.  It holds 15 lbs of corn or grains and best of all it only dispenses when the deer comes up and licks the bottom.  The price is only $15.95 with quantity discounts so you can afford to purchase several of them to spot in multiple locations.

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