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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sportsman Peeper John Urinal

There is nothing more frustrating than to be working out in the garden, workshop, barn, or crawl up into the blind or tree stand, to just have to run and find a bathroom. As we get older the frequency of those trips seem to increase as the morning goes on. If we hold off the coffee, and water we risk dehydration or headaches from not having our morning shot of caffeine.

The ladies will probably say the guys can just go stand by a tree, but for public view and hunting even in the deep woods, that is just not always practical. The scent from human urine will clear out any hopes of ever seeing a deer if they are downwind from that tree.

Those plastic jugs, portable urinals are not always practical either as they always seem to leak, get kicked over in the shop or blind, and then the chore of cleaning them, or worse forgetting to empty them until the next time you need it.

The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is a simple inexpensive solution. It is portable yet can be installed semi- permanent in the corner of a shed, barn, or hunting blind. It can even be mounted on a board and used in a tree stand. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal simply mounts through a 1-1/2” hole in the side wall and is equipped with a Stainless screw to secure it and a ¾” PVC pipe coupling to attach to ¾” pipe to drain down into a plastic coffee can buried upside down under the ground. The funnel is sanitized after each use by using a spray bottle mixed with 1 tablespoon of bleach to a gal of water mixture. The funnel comes with a plastic snap lid to keep it closed when not in use.

The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is American made from durable 100% high density polyethylene for years of service, it can be purchased for $8.95 through Cottage Craft Works.

This is not an item you will find down at the mega sporting goods store. Cottage Craft Works goes deep into the back roads of America to find unique American products from small businesses and cottage based industries. Cottage Craft Works offers over 2000 products for the back-to-basics self-sufficient life styles. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal is just one of the many unique and hard to find items.

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