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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cottage Craft Works offers several reproduction items and hardware kits.

Our very popular Buckboard Bench seat comes in finished oak or cherry, or you can purchase the complete metal hardware kit to build your own.  The complete bench starts at $289 and the parts kit is $69. 

The Buckboard Bench uses ornamental leaf springs, if you are looking for an authentic wagon seat with leaf springs Cottage Craft Works offers the wagon seat used on the working wagon they sell as a separate item.  The Wagon Seat is $279, and the hardware kit to build your own is $136.95 The Wagon Seat comes in unfinished popular wood.

If you have always wanted a J & P Coats spool thread cabinet, Cottage Craft Works now offers an Amish made five drawer reproduction spool cabinet for $399 and a complete spool cabinet kit for $329.  The kit comes with the decals and all the hardware; even the reverse side panels are already assembled.

Ride on toys was always a favorite for generations, and now you can build your own future family heirlooms.  Our Toy Handcar comes in a complete hardware and wheel kit, which includes complete plans and diagrams.  The handcar kit is $69.

Cottage Craft Works also offers a kid size Buckboard wagon kit.  It comes complete with all the hardware plans and drawings.  The Buckboard kit is $89.

If you are looking for parts to build your own apple cider press, Cottage Craft Works carries both the single and double tub cider and wine presses,  assembled or just the metal hardware kits.  Apple grinders are also available in an assembled or metal hardware kit.  Prices start at $169 for the smallest press.

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