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Saturday, October 8, 2011

turkey slate calls Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |

Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |   Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |   $26.00  Buy Now
Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |   Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |   $26.00 Buy Now

Friction Pot Turkey Call | Slate | Glass | Aluminum |

Turkey hunters across the country are raving about our friction pot turkey calls. They have become very popular and when you get yours you will quickly understand why.

Our Amish crafted friction calls have incredible balance, rich sound tones, they are very easy to hold and use even with gloves. You will be calling them in like a pro in a very short amount of time, even for the newbie to friction calls.

Turkey hunters have been simply amazed just how well these friction turkey calls perform right out of the box. On the slate call they were surprised they didn't even have to scratch up the surface to produce the sounds they wanted, such as a yelp, purr, cluck, put, or whine.

Several hunters have commented back to us saying "of all the friction calls they have, these have became their most favorite". Others have commented "for the quality and the price these calls just can't be beat."

These calls also feature an inner glass plate to help soften and muffle sharp unnatural squawk tones. This is just another attribute to the quality and attention to detail in the craftsmanship and materials used in these calls. Very few friction call makers actually use glass inside the call, most use wood, plastic or another cheaper material or don’t even add an inner surface at all.

Beautiful hand crafted of hardwoods with striker surface inset. The top of the call features an engraved turkey. Opposite side has your choice of a friction surface.

Surface options include Glass, Aluminum, and Slate.

Wood options include walnut, cherry, or laminate

Striker is not included, various striker options are available and may be purchased on the accessories tab or Click Here.

Be sure to order a leather belt holster for your new friction pot turkey call. Click Here for more information.

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