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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" | Turkey Box Calls

Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" | Turkey Box Calls   Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" |       $16.00  Buy Now
Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" | Turkey Box Calls   Sweet Water Turkey Box Call 6" |       $16.00  Buy Now

Sweet Water Turkey Box Call

This is a very simple and rather inexpensive box call, which has attractive lines, curves and a great sound. Yelp, cluck, cut, purr, whine, gobble….. It talks Turkey!  Features a walnut paddle and popular base or a cherry paddle with a popular base.  Options are 6" or 7" long. Priced as the 6" version select 7" at the bottom of the page for an additional $2. The 7" provides a longer sounding board for those hunters looking for a tad lower pitch yelp and wanting the sound to carry out a bit more on windy days.

This is just a great box call for the avid hunter, a starter call for youth, or someone wanting to master the art of turkey calling.  Just like all of our box calls it operates in all positions. The finished call features the Sweet Water logo, and an image of a turkey engraved into the paddle.  We also carry this call in an unfinished kit, making it one that you can customize, or use as a great father and son weekend project to learn all aspects of hunting the elusive bird.

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