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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Glass Display Cases | Gun, Knife, Hobby, Collector

Stunning Amish hand crafted glass display case for pistols, knifes, and hobby collectibles.  Custom sizes can be ordered in oak, walnut, or cherry at very affordable prices.

Standard size measures 16" W, 9" deep, and 11" Tall providing a complete 360° view of the displayed object.

Other custom sizes can be built for long riffles, swords, golf clubs, or other collectibles.

Pistols with clip can slide over a pedestal stand to appear freestanding inside the case.  Other pedestals can be custom mounted to hold other objects.

Custom glass display cases can be ordered at Cottage CraftWorks .com

Cottage Craft Works located at has established an excellent reputation for customer service for an online store and is accredited by the BBB.

Featured in Outdoor Life Magazine with Amish hand carved gun stocks, you will find many other products including the  glass display cases of equal high quality craftsmanship.

Cottage Craft Works also carries a large selection of other custom and standard old fashioned made products for hunting, for the home, garden, farm and ranch.

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