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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Winter Wood Working Projects For The Avid Hunter Promotes Family Values

These can’t miss wood working projects will keep them busy on those long cold winter days and nights during the off season building long lasting family memories.

Turkey Call Kits

Turkey box call and friction slate call kits come already cut out and ready to assemble and finish.  Hunters can carve, wood burn or finish them to make a heirloom father son project.  Flash forward 30-50 years these calls will still bring back the father and son memories of making them together and then bagging the big Tom together on opening day of the upcoming season.

Rebuilding an old Shotgun or Rifle

Replace an old worn out or broken gun stock with and affordable replacement stock.  Hunting and guns run deep in family blood lines and so does the old family heirloom rifle or shot gun that dad or granddad first taught a youngster to shoot with.

You can still find unfinished gun stocks for some of the early models of shotguns and rifles.  Over the years these old relics may have been abused or broken during various moves made by a family. 

Just by age some of the wood especially around the forends have become brittle, cracked or broken off.

Now with Pop long gone people want to bring back the memories and restore these old guns as they remember using them for the first time.

An unfinished machine inletted stock takes the major work out of starting with a slab of wood.  The stocks are duplicated off an original with the hard inletting 90% to 95% completed.

The woodworker then can take and hand fit the stock and complete the outside final sanding and then finish it saving hundreds of dollars that shop techs charge to complete making it worth redoing a family heirloom.

The wood worker will need some knowledge of working on guns.

And where do you find these types of project components?  The old fashion product online General Store at Cottage Craft Works .com

Just going through the large selection of old fashion hunting gear and products will stir up childhood memories.

Cottage Craft Works is much more than just a hunting web site store.  You will find hundreds of old fashion American made products for the home, farm and garden.

It is like the old fashion Sears and Roebuck where you can order Amish sewing cabinets, a hand push garden plow, cookware, and even organic grains and flour.

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