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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Single Pass Hand Push Garden Cultivator

Planting a garden is hard work but rewarding when the harvest comes.  While most will end up doing double work others will use the Wheel Hoe Double Wheel Garden Cultivator to make it all happen in one pass.

The unique double wheel design is a reproduction of the famous Planet Junior garden cultivators used at a time before gasoline engines were ever used on a gardening implement.

The tool bar holds a variety of attachments that can be used in tandem to make single passes that normally might take twice to triple the effort over traditional garden cultivating.

The small plow blades can be set to cut the soil in or out.  Set them to cut a “V” furrow to plant a row of potatoes and then reverse and widen the plow blades to hill back over the top of the potatoes to cover both sides in one pass.

Use two 6” hoe blade attached to both sides and the double wheel passes over new growth vegetables as the blades slice down weeds on both sides of the rows all in one pass.

The optional attachments include sweeps that can also be used inward our outward to slice under the soil, and optional harrow disc and even a seed planter are available.

The Double Wheel Hoe is USA made and features Amish made steam bent handles.

It is available at Cottage Craft Works .com and is one of six different types of USA made hand push garden cultivators available at this unique old fashion product online store.

Cottage Craft Works is like taking a step back in time.  With all the old fashion products that were used long before gasoline engines and electricity were made available for the home, farm and garden.

The online store is an emporium for those wanting to escape to or living the more simple self-reliant life style. 

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