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Thursday, October 23, 2014

USA Made Hand Push Garden Cultivators

When it comes to serious gardening and when people still depend on home grown produce for self-sufficient living the Amish make and use the best hand push garden cultivators.

While many are selling imported big wheel garden cultivators the serious gardeners seek out the Amish made ones because of the quality materials used in them.

Those who are looking for the best selection of USA made garden cultivators go to Cottage Craft Works .

Cottage Craft Works carries six different types of just hand push cultivators.   The Wheel Hoe garden cultivators are reproductions of the famous Planet Junior cultivators that were the mainstay of home gardeners in the early to mid 1900s.

The Wheel Hoe cultivators have the most attachments available to till and slice through gardens.  The tool bar allows for groupings of attachments to till both sides of a row at the same time as well as furrow and hill rows without double passes.

Other cultivators include a flip and go a clever top and bottom sided cultivator with a plow on one side and traditional garden tines on the other side.  Simply pivot the cultivator to either side and use the cutting tools without ever having to change out attachments.

The Rotary Weed & Till is a reproduction that uses a rolling set of blades as the wheel to cut and chop weeds while the back tines turns up the roots.

There’s even cultivators for all sizes of people.  It is the Amish women and children who mostly tend to the gardening side of the household while the Amish men tend to the field corps and their different manufacturing businesses.

The Junior Wheel Hoe and the EZ-Till cultivators are smaller and more youth and lady friendly.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique back-to-basics online store that specializes in hard to find old fashion type of products that are still in demand.

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