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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stop Maple Syrup Sugar Sand | No Boil Water Jacket Canners | Filters

Don't risk your batch of maple syrup to sugar sand in the final bottling process this season.  

With all the work and time it takes  to  collect the sap and boil down maple syrup the quality of the final product all comes down to the finishing and bottling.  One boiling mistake can mess up the entire batch with sugar sand deposits.

Most will us finish pans or traditional canners over hot gas burners tediously trying to control the temperatures from boiling  which, is what creates sugar sand.

Keeping the safe bottling temps down to the last drop of syrup is also difficult.

These new water jacket finish canner/bottlers provide even temps without hot spots down to the last bottle of syrup.  This reduces the or chance of boiling  creating  the dreaded sugar sand deposits in bottled syrup.  Available in 10 and 16 Gallon Sizes with or without burner stand.

The 10 gallon two burner is just the right size for most hobby farm operations while the three burner 16 gallon canner will keep up with most wood fired maple syrup evaporators.

Featuring  stainless steel screen top to use both a pre-screen and main screen filter as the syrup is being poured in. Complete with thermometer and bottle filler valve these canners have it all in one package.

USA Amish made using 20 gauge mirror finish 304 stainless steel available to fit two or three burner gas stoves.  Complete packages available with canner and commercial grade gas stove with a collapsible stainless stand are available at Cottage Craft Works .com

Cottage Craft Works is an online back to basics general store featuring many hard to find quality Amish made produces.  Maple Syrup processing equipment made by the Amish is just one of many categories of over 5000 self-sufficient products offered.

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