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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turkey Box Call Kit

If you are going to take your youngster on his or her first spring turkey hunt, why not make it a cherished life long memory with a turkey call they built themselves? We offer one of our most popular Turkey Box Call now in a kit form. Everything is cut, sanded and ready to finish. They make a wonderful kids project, father and son project or a nice handmade gift. This is a project that will provide life long memories, sure to become a family heirloom. Prefect to add carvings or wood burned pictures of the favorite hunting event. See all of our hunting calls and our new all-in-one Combo Turkey Locator and Box call all at click on hunting calls then click on turkey calls.

Cottage Craft Works offers a varied range of handcrafted high quality products, hunting calls and custom gun stocks are just a part of our products. Be sure to log on and check out our home, kitchen, Amish furniture, wine, and artisan products.

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