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Saturday, September 11, 2010

CCW Deer Grunts and Rattle Bags

At CCW Hunting and Game Calls we have the largest selection of handcrafted custom calls on the market. Our Deer Grunts are made from hardwoods, and provide an adjustable tube to deepen the tone to throw even the larger bucks off guard. Our Rattle Bag simulates antlers clashing and lures those big bucks looking to guard their territory. Catch Buck Fever at CCW, and see all of our other hunting and game calls, including turkey, elk, duck, geese, turkey locator calls, and predator calls.

Adapted Hunting Calls for Disabled Hunters

At CCW Hunting and Game Calls we love hunters, and those who love to hunt. We will do just about anything to help those who want to hunt but have a hard time due to a disability. We can adapt just about any of our hunting calls for a disabled friend. This is one of our adapted slate calls for those who are unable to grip the edges of a regular slate call. See all of our hunting calls, shooting gear, custom gun stocks at

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hunting Calls, Hunting Calls and more Hunting Calls

Cottage Craft Works (CCW) carries just about every type of Hunting and Game Call imaginable. Many different types for Turkey, Deer, Elk, Duck, Goose, Predator, calls, such as Coyote, Wounded Rabbit, and other calls such as Owl, Hawk, Crow, and Coon. They are all beautiful handcrafted, field tested and ready to bring in the Trophy Hunt for this season. See them all at

Elk Hunting Calls

Cottage Craft Works (CCW) offers several handcrafted calls for the Elk Hunter, including an Elk Bugle and two different sized Elk Cow Mews. Cottage Craft Works also offers a wide range of other hunting and game calls, including, turkey, deer, duck, predator and goose calls. Find us on line at

Turkey Locator Hunting Calls

Cottage Craft Works (CCW) offers several excellent locator shock gobble calls for the turkey hunter including owl, hawk, and crow calls. Cottage Craft Works also offers two versions of a 4-1 Combo Turkey Call with built in owl, hawk and crow locator calls. See them all on line at

Coyote, Predator, Critter, Varmint Hunting Calls

Cottage Craft Works (CCW) offers several predator, critter, and varmint hunting and game calls, including coyote, wounded rabbit, and coyote calls. CCW also has a full range of other hunting and game calls, for turkey, deer, elk, duck, goose, along with locator calls for hawk, owl, and crows. we are proud to provide American made handcrafted products for Home | Garden | Farm | Ranch | Kitchen | and sportsman hunting and fishing.

Corporate and Business Promotional Items

If you are looking for special Holiday gifts for your clients or customers, Cottage Craft Works has you covered. We have products for the gardener, rancher, culinary artist, and sportsman including custom handcrafted fishing lures, and hunting calls. All of our hunting calls can be special engraved with a name or logo.

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