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Friday, November 27, 2009

*CUSTOM CUT* Gun Stocks

Cottage Craft Works offers a full range of Custom Cut Gun Stocks to fit almost any shotgun or riffle. Stock blanks are cut and hand selected by the masters of gun stock craftsmen, whose trade, has been passed down from generation to generation. A wide selection is available of Beautiful wood grain Figure, in a multitude of hardwoods and Grade levels to choose from. Stocks are manufactured by a small cottage based company who has become one of the leading gun stock companies in the world, located in an area with of some of the highest grade of walnut and hardwood species to be found anywhere. See them at features other high quality handcrafted items from accomplished crafts people, and artisans all from the cottage based industries. Custom Gun Stocks is only a part of our featured handcrafted works of art. See more at

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