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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wheeled Garden and Yard Sprayer

Our walk behind Garden and Yard Sprayer makes easy work. Now you can have a tow behind style 10 gal boom sprayer without having to use a garden tractor to pull it. Comes with spray wand to get up and close to buildings or use between garden rows. Switch over to the spray boom for large areas or lawn coverage. Unit comes complete, and just needs a 12volt battery.

Our products come from small cottage based businesses. We offer a return to the days of old. Where electricity was not yet available, and old fashioned handmade products were sold on a handshake. We are famous for our Amish handcrafted hunting and game calls, but we also now offer so much more Amish and other cottage based handcrafted products. Products to help you live a more self-sufficient and self-sustaining life style, such as kitchen wares, home & garden, wine making presses, apple cider presses, beehives & beekeeping, food processing, horse and tack, leather goods, wagons, cookbooks, handy furniture, Hoosier cabinets, home decor, sewing cabinets, board games, purple martin houses, outdoor furniture, cupolas, replacement gun stocks, hand carved gun stocks, handcrafted fishing lures, and so much more. So, go ahead and explore our General Store. We're positive you'll find something that catches your eye. And don't be afraid to shout out a friendly hello! Please tell your friends about us. We are at

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