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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to Basics | Living off the Grid

Back to Basics
It is no secret that we, as a society, have become very dependent on the grid, computers, and all the luxuries of restaurant food, quick shopping trips and living the American dream fueled by easy credit.  There was much hype and planning for Y2K, but when the clock struck midnight and then finally clicked over into the year 2000, nothing changed.  Did this give everyone the sense of invulnerable security?  As many have found after the passing of a storm, everything in our daily lives seem to screech to a halt until power is restored.  Sometimes--depending on the amount of widespread damage--days, weeks, and sometimes even months may pass before power is restored and life begins to return to a normal pace.

If it is not natural disasters, then it is the economy that is just as much on everyone’s mind.  Increasing jobless rates, higher gas prices, spiraling healthcare costs, and large consumer debt are all of a deep concern. Whether you’re a believer in the 2012 countdown to Armageddon, or just worried about the uncomfortable economy and worldwide events, one thing is certain: the world is changing, the natural disasters are increasing.   It seems earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, or wild fires are in the news much more frequently than most of us would like. These lead to an absolute freeze on everything we associate with normal day to day activities and personal incomes.

There is a huge “Back to Basics” movement occurring.  Some of it is associated with the uncertain times. Some people are trying to live more “Green”, seeking energy savings, or just trying to live a more wholesome, food safe “Organic” environment.   Others are going back to home gardening, food preserving/storage, making homemade items, and are on a quest to find a more self-sufficient, self-sustaining life style. This is the true root of the "Back to Basics" movement.

Having some of the old time non-electric appliances and gardening tools are also an important part of moving toward this life style: many have gone totally off the grid, while others are supplementing solar, wind, and other off grid power resources to save money, and be prepared for both short term and long term power outages, caused by natural and economic disasters.   Kids find that computers and games all go dead when the electricity or batteries go out; parents dig out Grandma's checker board, and find something about a family connection that has been missing for some time.  Neighbors who may not ever even waved to each other as they pass in their expensive ego mobiles, now seem to come together, all in the same situation and start helping one and another. A community bonding occurs, people join together to help share the load of cleanup, cooking, and basic human survival needs.  Much like “The Great Depression” , people find a way through difficult times with very basic tools and gadgets.

The Amish still live a very simple and very basic life style, being non believers of the grid and the use of modern day conveniences such as the automobile, the internet, and other technologies. When Y2K came about, it was definitely not on their minds, and were very interested to see a huge demand for their back to basics, off grid the products.  People stocked up on supplies and goods to prepare for the inevitable predicted crash in the power grids, computers and everything that was associated with keeping the economy going. It was astounding.  

Preparing now for another Y2K phenomena really doesn’t seem that far fetched considering all the current events.  There are several on-line stores that specialize in Amish non-electric goods and products for off grid living, emergency preparedness or economic survival in a collapsing economy.  Cottage Craft Works, located at http://www.cottagecraftworks.comis just one source for back to basics, self-sufficient, self sustaining life styles, or emergency off grid living. 

They offer a wide variety of products for home goods, farming, gardening, Kitchen & food preparation, hunting, personal protection, and even composting toilets.  If you are seeking self survival or just good old country living products, Cottage Craft Works is a place you will definitely want to check out.  They also carry many reproduction antique items, such as Hoosier style cabinets, sewing machine cabinets, vintage toys, quilts, wine and cider presses, grain mills, leather holsters, hunting calls, shooting supplies, and custom made items, as well as kits to build your own items.

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Back to Basics | Living off the Grid  | self sufficient Living

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