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Friday, April 8, 2011

Amish Quilts | Amish Quilter Authentic Handmade Amish Quilts

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Amish Quilts
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 Amish Quilts | Eight Point Star Quilt   Amish Quilts | Eight Point Star Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Garden Twist Quilt   Amish Quilts | Garden Twist Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Log Cabin Quilt   Amish Quilts | Log Cabin Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Mariner Compass Quilt   Amish Quilts | Mariner Compass Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Single Irish Chain Quilt   Amish Quilts | Single Irish Chain Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Spanish Lone Star Quilt   Amish Quilts | Spanish Lone Star Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts | Triple Irish Chain Quilt   Amish Quilts | Triple Irish Chain Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts |Large Dahila Quilt   Amish Quilts |Large Dahila Quilt   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts |Star Spin Quilt   Amish Quilts |Star Spin Quilt   $877.00  Buy Now 
 Amish Quilts |Ten Point Lone Star   Amish Quilts |Ten Point Lone Star   $845.00  Buy Now 
 Weaver Fever Quilt   Weaver Fever Quilt   $877.00  Buy Now 

Amish Quilts | Amish Quilter Authentic Handmade Amish Quilts Amish Eight Point Star Quilt

To our knowledge we are the only store on the Internet that allows you to custom build your own Amish quilt. Like most of our handcrafted products, this makes us very unique. We let you to select your pattern; we then let you select your basic color theme. If this doesn’t work for you, we will let you send us your own pattern and even the material or sample swatches to fit your own taste. All of these options and considering our prices, you will find we are very competitive to those already off the shelf. All of this delicate handwork from scratch does take time, as much as 3 months time. So if you are in a hurry to have a quilt, we probably are not going to be the source for you. If you want to build a family heirloom, or match your personal taste, then that is what this section is all about.

Our Amish hand stitched quilts are based on the following mattress sizes. Please let us know if you need a special size or a custom designed baby quilt and we will gladly send you a quote.

Full 54 x 75 = 96” x 100” quilt

Queen 60 x 80 = 100” x 113” quilt

King 76 x 80 = 112” x 144” quilt

Wall Hanging 20" x 30"

Our process is rather unique in that each quilt is custom made with each order just for you. This allows you a wide range of options to fit your needs and personal taste. Please allow up to 3 months for your quilt to be made and shipped. The wall hanging will likely to take up to 30 days. If you have a particular pattern or a picture of a favorite heirloom quilt you would like have made please let us know. If you need a particular odd size not listed please let us know that as well for special quotes.

The quilt blocks are sewn together. Once all the quilt blocks are attached they are stretched over a large rack and the actual quilting process is hand stitched. The hand stitched quality and the time it takes to complete is what sets these quilts apart from any other factory made quilt. There are many imported quilts being sold in the U.S. but a close look and counting the stitches will quickly determine hand sewn or machine sewn. This is why the Amish made quilts are known for their heirloom quality.

We have listed eleven of the most popular patterns. Our order sequence will be the pattern of quilt you want and then the main color theme you are wanting, such as blues, reds, maroon, burgundy, greens and etc. The Amish lady who makes these will use her judgment and knowledge to hand select contrasting colors to go with your main theme. Each quilt is unique and may not have the same fabric patterns as the next. If you’re not comfortable and have plenty of time, we will let her select the colors she plans to use and send them to you in small swatches. The wedding ring quilt is not listed but is available. The price will be the same as the Triple Spin pattern.

If you want to send us paint chips, curtain and wall paper samples, she will choose contrasting colors to compliment your décor theme.

If you want to have your personal choice in each color for your quilt, you may purchase your own fabric and send it to us. We can give you the yardage needed based on where the material will go and the size of the quilt. We will also give you the discount cost for supplying the material. Polyester and stretch fabrics, or extra thick fabric cannot be used. Our base price is for the Full size, as you select Queen or King below the additional price for that size will be added.

You will also note the pattern is also available in just a wall hanging.

Our pricing and size selection below starts with the full size quilt, as you click on the various sizes the incremental additional cost will add (+) on top of the full size quilt priced at the top. Note: The Wall Hanging price will actually show a large deduction (-) from the full size price, as the size and price is only a fraction of the full size quilt.

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