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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oak Kitchenaid | Other Brands Mixer Stand and Cover:

This is a wooden, custom made Mixer stand/cover that is built especially for Kitchenaid Brand Mixers, but it can be used for other counter top mixers as well!
Made for the purpose of when you're not using your mixer, you can have it behind a beautifully made wooden cover.
Turn the cover around and you have a nifty storage space for all of your mixer accessories and a few recipe books.
When it comes to using your mixer, the stand also can be laid horizontally, allowing it to hold up a bowl or other items while you're mixing!
(Mixer/Bowl/Accessories not included) 
Comes in two different finishes: English Chestnut and Honey Oak.
For an additional $10 dollars, choose your own Minwax © Brand Finish by choosing "Custom" and telling us which  finish you would like on the comments section of the order form when you check out

Oak Kitchenaid,Other Brands Mixer Stand and Cover
       Oak Kitchenaid | Other Brands Mixer Stand and Cover   $58.00  Buy Now

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