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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Books on all topics of self-sufficient living

If you are worried about the economy and world financial affairs, or just seeking to find a more frugal way to live, Cottage Craft Works now offers one of the most comprehensive selections of self-sufficient books, in fact over 200 quality books written by renowned experts. Select from a wide variety of authors and books on each subject of self-sufficiency. Learn how to prepare the soil, plant the corps, manage the weeds and pest all organically. Extended your growing season with poly tunnels, learn how to raise livestock, care for them, monitor them and treat diseases naturally.

All types of how-to-books are available on sustainable agriculture, livestock, veterinary, specialty crops, food & drink, self-sufficient business incomes, marketing self-sufficient products, homesteading skills, nature & environment, alternative medicines, organic gardening, food preserving, making soaps, beekeeping, making maple syrup, growing grapes & fruits, making wine, sustainable ranching, growing herbs, alternative energy and even more are now available throughout this unique back-to-basics online country store.

Learn how to build solar and energy efficient and off grid homes. Learn how to make your own cheese, butcher livestock & wild game, grow your own grains, grow and process your own food, the list of available books and topics just goes on. You would have to search for days and maybe even weeks to find the amount of informative self-sufficient topic books, now available at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line back-to-basics general store providing high quality products to those seeking a simpler self-sufficient lifestyle. Most of the products are American made in small factories, and cottage based business from the American Heartland. Many of the products are Amish handcrafted from the Amish communities in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Old fashioned products that are still being made today, to become tomorrow’s family heirlooms.

To learn more or to view the wide range of back-to basic self sufficient products and books, visit

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