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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle-10"inch | Turkey Call Makers

       Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch-   $36.25  Buy Now

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Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch:

Our 10" inch Boat Paddle Turkey Box Call is built just like our popular half moon handle box calls.  Some call this a  "Long Box Call".  The additional length allows for a 1" longer sounding chamber.  This provides a deeper and richer yelp and allows the sound to travel out for those windy days. The paddle also has more contact surface, making it easier to maneuver over the sounding boards to produce all the turkey talk needed to bring in the trophy birds.  Overall the call is 9-3/4" long and 1-1/2" wide.  It still fits in the optional holster. Only available in walnut, popular base, with cherry paddle, as pictured. 

Optional CCW Boat Paddle Turkey Call Leather Holster.  This holster is a CCW specialty designed leather holster to fit our popular 10” long box Boat Paddle Call but will also fit calls 1-3/4” W x 2” T x 10” L 
The picture shows  our fancy tooled basket weave pattern holster with hand leather lacing.  Smooth leather hand laced holsters are also available to fit the Boat Paddle Call.  These leather holsters are made to the same specifications as our CCW leather gun holsters using 8oz American tanned leathers, CLICK HERE to read more.
We offer either a built in belt loop, or a stainless secure clip belt clip to attach to the belt.  The stainless secure belt clip fits up to 1-1/2 wide belts and has an extra tab that locks in under the belt to keep the holster secured to the belt, when bending, kneeling, or crawling in and out of blinds.  The belt clip or belt loop is stitched with heavy cord thread to last several generations.
The call fits just snug enough to slip the call in and out but does not let the call squawk when walking.
Color options are medium brown as pictured, or dark brown, (will almost look black) and tan.
Select Personalized Initials option below for $12 to include up to three initials, please note the initials in the comment section upon check out.
Please note:  The leather holsters are custom made and may take an additional two weeks to process your order.
Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch-   Turkey Box Call- Boat Paddle 10"inch-   $36.25  Buy Now

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