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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Durable, simple and practical American made deer and game feeders from CCW for under $50.

Looking for high quality deer and game feeders on a tight budget?  Consider these American made feeders from CCW.  They are made from durable 100% high density polyethylene

The RANCHO ATV & Truck Deer and Game Feeder

Beginning at $49.95, this feeder fits directly into a standard 2” receiver hitch or bolt on to a flat ATV hitch or rack.  Holds 50 pounds of feed; simple gravity feed using a rope pull activated trap door. No noise, no batteries required. It even comes with an extra spring and spare trap door assembly, plus CCW offers free replacement of the trap door and spring assembly for as long as you own the feeder. You just pay the shipping cost.

Unlike other feeders the RANHCO feeder does not fling the corn everywhere along the trail.  Bring the deer right to your blind or tree stand.  The RANCHO feeder dispenses an even uniform trail of corn to lead them directly down your path.

A very inexpensive yet simple way to spread your deer corn, the feeder spreads grains and pellets by using a truck, ATV, tractor or even a pull behind wagon. 

The RANCHO feeder measures 21-1/2 Tall x 12-1/2” in diameter, it is Just about the size of a 5 gallon bucket.  Each feeder is completely assembled and ready to use.

The lid is held tightly in place with two durable tie downs allowing you to attach it on your truck or ATV, fill it and head on down the road to your hunting spot.

The bracket on the ATV model has an adjustable slide mount providing up to 9” of adjustment either up or down from the mounting spot. The bracket can also be reversed to drop down below extended dump beds.  A mounting plate provides 1-1/2” x 2” surface allowing you to drill holes, clamp or weld onto another hitch assembly.  

THE BAZUKA Deer and Game Feeder $22.95

The BAZUKA at only $22.95 is a very simple hand held feeder allowing you to strategically drop a trail of corn as you walk towards your blind or tree stand. The BAZUKA will hold up to 10lbs of feed, yet it is very light weight and durable. 

 Made of 100% high density polyethylene it uses no batteries and comes completely assembled, and is collapsible from 35” to 28” for easy storage.  It also comes with a shoulder sling to easily carry into the hunting site.  This also allows you to have both hands free just in case that big buck walks out in front of you. 

The push the button operation allows you to drop small piles or have steady stream of temptation straight into your hunting blind.  The BAZUKA Feeder will dispense corn, milo, alfalfa or mineral pellets. 

Add a cotton ball saturated with deer lures into the hollow stopper to add scent to the corn as it is being released; a spare stopper assembly also comes with each feeder

The CHIQUITO Hanging Deer and Game Feeder $15.95

A simple feeder for only $15.95!  Now you don’t have to worry about losing a chunk of change if someone steals your feeders.

The CHIQUITO is the most affordable feeder on the market, not only is it inexpensive it only feeds on demand when the deer licks the bottom and it only dispenses as long as the deer is licking the bottom.
The CHIQUITO Feeder holds 15 lbs of feed.  It is also made of 100% high density polyethylene; it will not break or rust.  Feeder ships fully assembled.  

The CHIQUITO Feeder dispenses corn, milo, alfalfa and mineral pellets.  Simply hang the feeder from a tree or fence post.  The tight fitting lid keeps other critters out and the special hour glass design sheds the majority of rainwater away from the dispensing hole.

Purchase all these deer and game feeders and Rough Ridge food plot seeds online at CCW Hunting and Game Calls

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is a part of Cottage Craft Works
Bringing you unique American made quality products from the small business and cottage based industries.

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