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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Aermoter Windmill and Heller-Aller Pump Restoration Parts

If you are needing to restore an old Aemotor windmill or looking for parts for a Heller-Aller water well hand or windmill pump, you will be glad to know both companies are still manufacturing new windmills and pumps.

This Aermotor Windmill was installed in the 1950s and is still going strong today  in 2012!

Both of these American companies started doing business in the late 1800s and have survived despite the electric submersible water well pump.

Aemotor was by far one of the most popular and only completely made windmill.  Mile for mile across America you will see Aemotor windmills still in use or ready to be restored.  The parts have changed very little, only the manufacturing process has been modernized to make even more durable parts.

Heller-Aller pumps were purchased in 1995 by Hitzer Stove Company of Indiana.  Heller-Aller Pumps have also changed very little over the years.

Heller-Aller Model 50L Force water well hand and windmill pump.

Heller-Aller Force Pitcher Pump for shallow wells and cisterns.

You can purchase Aemotor Windmill parts or complete new windmills and towers as well as Heller-Aller deep and shallow well pumps and parts at Cottage Craft Works .com  They are located under the Farm and Garden Tab or just Click Here.

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