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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Motorized Wheelbarrow

EZ Motorized Wheelbarrow moves up to 10 cubic feet of wet or dry material over uneven terrain with little effort.  One of the only motorized wheelbarrows on the market using  a heavy duty fiberglass tub.

Powered by a 4 cycled Honda engine capable of being ran upside, this motorized wheelbarrow uses very few moving parts.

Whether you’re into farming, gardening,  own a landscape or small construction business this 10 cubic foot motorized wheelbarrow will make your hard labor efforts go more productive with less worker fatigue.

Heavy duty fiberglass tub holds up better than metal or thin poly tubs when even throwing rocks into it!
38” wide wheelbarrow is a perfect solution to move up to 10 cubic feet of heavy manure, muck, landscape materials, gravel, sand and concrete out of tight barns, stables and through narrow gates.

Loading height is at 29” for hand shoveling of material.
Double front wheels stabilize the wheelbarrow during lifting and dumping. Rear trolley wheels allows easy  steering.

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