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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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An economical commercial grade mini pie maker priced for the home or small commercial kitchen.

While most commercial grade pie makers will set you back nearly a $1000 or more the Little Pie Maker from Cottage Craft Works is priced at half the cost.

This is no light weight either,  made of heavy cast aluminum powder coated base and food grade aluminum dies this little pie machine stays in place on the counter top as you set load and crank uniformed cut and crimped 3-1/2” X 5” dough pies.

The Little Pie Maker was replicated from an antique model and then developed and made in the Amish communities.

The Amish make things to last for their own use, but do so without a lot of commercial and corporate overhead.   The cost of their products compared to the quality is simply amazing.

Unlike other pie makers on the market there’s no support bars to get in the way.  Wide open work area is easy to pass through and clean.

Large food pocket can be filled with different cultural meat mixes or fruits.  Pies can be fried or baked and then glazed or served unglazed.

The Little Pie Maker is perfect for large families to make up and freeze different meant and fruit pies for quick microwave meal.

The Little Pie Maker is in use in pizzerias, bakeries, catering shops and restaurants. 

Cottage Craft Works is a unique on line store filled with all types of high quality products for the home, farm, garden and kitchen.

The Little Pie Maker is just one of the many unique products that you will find that is Amish USA made.

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