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Monday, August 12, 2013

One Gallon Stainless Butter Churn-Food Mixer

One Gallon Stainless Butter Churn that can also be used to mix dry and wet food mixes.

Purchase the optional meat bar and triple the use with mixing meat and sausage blends.

A commercial grade combination butter churn and food mixer. 

No glass or pottery to break!

Amish built tub type churn made from heavy Stainless Steel with a lid. 

Designed to churn one gallon of cream into butter.   Also perfect to mix all types of other mixes that just will not mix well in a mixer.  Mixes such as dry cereals and moist mixtures that would have to be done in a large bowl by hand.

Use to mix and tumble dried cereals, party mixes, seasoning mixes, mixing flour and dry ingredients for bulk baking and pancake mixes.

Blend nuts, powders, and cereals to make homemade granolas, health food energy bars or mixing vegan ingredients for meatless patties. 

Works best for dry and moist light products; it is not designed to make bread dough, cookie dough or other heavy and sticky mixes.

It will also mix other non-food items such as potpourri mixes.

Only available at Cottage Craft Works .com.  Not available anywhere else online

Cottage Craft Works specializes in going deep into the Amish communities and finding heavy duty wares and goods for the general public. 

The Little Butter Maid Master Mixer is USA Amish made using American made heavy 18ga and 22ga Stainless Steel.

It will churn butter in about 10 minutes cranking at two turns per second. It is light weight at only 12lbs making it easy to lift and pour both liquid and dry mixes.

It is small and easy to clean in a standard kitchen sink, yet heavy enough to stay in place when hand cranking.

Optional paddle insert provides extra spacing for those who will be mixing and making large batches of meats and sausages, such as making meat patties, sausage, or using meat substitutes to make vegan burgers.

Bushings are made out of a food grade poly material that never requires grease, and the auger easily lifts up and out to quickly reach the product after the mixing is completed.

A very compact machine measures 9” W X 8-1/2” D X 10-1/2” Tall, much smaller than it looks in the pictures. The hand crank makes the overall width 16” wide.

The inside tub measures 9” X 7” so it won’t do extremely large batches but enough to fill a gallon size jar, more than could be mixed in a large mixing bowl or even a food processor.

The Little Butter Maid Master Mixer can be purchased at Cottage Craft Works .com

The unit is also available in an 8 gal electric version for small large dairy farms and small commercial operations.


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