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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Old Fashioned Quality Built Ice Cream Freezers | USA Immergood

Homemade ice cream lovers have been frustrated with the lack of a quality built ice cream freezer like they remember growing up with. 

Ice Cream Freezers are a prime example of the discount store squeeze to produce competitive products at rock bottom prices  and still make a handsome profit for share holders.

For those who grew up in the 1950s and even up into the 1970s making ice cream in a hand crank freezer was the highlight of many summer Sunday afternoons.

As people now try to find the type of quality freezers to make a new family tradition they are finding a very much water down version made of thin materials and plastic parts. 

Manufactures have also reduced the capacity because the cheaply made gear frames just will not handle large batches of ice cream.

Immergood introduced their original 6 qt freezer and it became almost an overnight sensation for those who have been craving this level of quality being reproduced much like ice cream freezers manufactured at the turn of the century.

Immergood just recently introduced an 8 qt model to fill a huge void since White Mountain stopped making an 8 qt option years ago.

Why is Immergood bucking the trend?  Well Immergood is an Amish company that started up from the same frustrations of finding a long lasting quality ice cream freezer.

Immergood is not new to the Ice Cream Freezer business and is well positioned to take the company well into the future.  The parent company has been dealing in ice cream freezers and parts for a number of decades replacing the imported gears with USA made gears for the Amish communities.

The Amish view products as functional long lasting products they use day in and day out to support their conservative back to basic lifestyle.

Before electrification of the rural areas most everyone had hand crank off grid products that were readily available. Products were just made to last longer during this time as well.

When the Amish are unable to no longer find those quality products they tend to begin making it for the large Amish communities across the country.

Immergood double wall insulated leak proof tubs, an all stainless steel positive tub latch system and then topped with a heavy duty gear frame places Immergood Ice Cream Freezers well ahead of the pack.

Immergood freezers will hold ice cream for several hours depending on the outside temperatures.

An optional tub cover is also available for the 6 qt and will soon be available for the 8 qt freezer.

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