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Monday, September 21, 2015

Self Sufficient Kitchen | Food | Tomato strainer stand for the Victorio and other strainers

We love our Victorio tomato strainer, we’ve had it now for over 25 years, but after our first big batch of tomatoes, we got really tired of shuffling the pots around every few minutes.
The problem is the strainer just does not sit up high enough to slide a tall pot under the discard end or the juice tray.
Solution my husband built a custom designed stand made of sturdy oak that extends the strainer up enough to slide a large pan on the discard end and then has a lower shelf for a large stock pot to go under the juice tray.
Now we can process a large batch of juice from start to finish without ever having to change pots.
The oak strainer stand mounts on a saw horse or metal bench stand where it can be bolted down to the top.
We have this one mounted on a metal stand. It has a wide enough base so it will not tip over when the side pot becomes full.
This is just at the right height to comfortably process the juice without lifting up to a table or counter height; this was another problem we had on our first batch.
My husband made the stand out of oak and finished in clear exterior grade marine varnish for years of service.
The one in the picture has been in use for over 25 years and has processed many gallons of tomato and grape juices.
We just started with the pots that we were using and took our measurements from those. 
This idea was brought to you by Cottage Craft Works. a self-sufficient sustainable living back-to-basics general store.

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