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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sustainable Living | Self Reliant | Self-Sufficient | Products for the homesteader

Some of the best made products for sustainable self reliant and self sufficient living are still being made in the USA cottage based Amish shops and factories.
These are the old fashioned vintage products that most of American used before electricity was made widely available. The Amish still living off grid have continued to make and use these products to live a sustainable lifestyle.
This cottage industry is made up of home based crafts people and artisans who still work in small work shops or other parts of their homes. Many trades and crafts have been handed down from many generations. These are the back bone of the American dream, making a quality hand made items and selling them from these home based shops. These talented people are hard to find many are in small towns or live deep in the back roads. 
Not to be confused with someone working out of a garage at home, the Amish cottage based industries feature large well equipped workshops and factories that are ran by off grid power sources.  They just so happen to be located close to their homes and families because the Amish still travel using horse and buggy or by bicycle.
The Amish have a long standing respected reputation for making high quality products that are still made to last as they were in the early 1900s.
Amish communities survive mostly on the cottage based industry concept. is a site dedicated to the cottage based industry featuring these hard to find sustainable living products for others seeking to return and live a more simply life without dependency on the grid power.
You will find everything for the kitchen, home, garden, and ranch all gathered for you in one place at Cottage Craft Works.

Cottage Craft Works also has a large selection of hunting gear, hunting calls and replacement gun stocks for the older model rifles and shotguns.

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