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Friday, December 11, 2015

Mission Arts and Crafts Style Coat & Hat Racks

Trendy Arts and Crafts Mission Style furniture was very popular between 1880 and 1910. Now over 100 years later the trend towards Arts and Crafts d├ęcor is making a very strong comeback.

Some of it is due to the quest to find and rehabilitate old Craftsmen Style homes built during this era that were finished, trimmed and furnished with Mission style quarter sawn white oak.

Others just like the rich vintage look and feel of the old Mission Style furniture. It’s a 180° turnabout from when people moved away from the Mission Style in the early 1900s to a more modern look. 

That road has weaved in and out from painted to stain and varnish finishes with a mix of futuristic chrome and bright colors. It now appears to be returning back to the old Mission Style as people flock to antique stores in search of that perfect Mission Style piece or accent.

Mission Style furniture had it’s on unique appeal with very squared corners and simple lines that transitioned into the Arts and Crafts interior designs and furnishings.

Quarter sawn white oak with its unique cross cut grains brought the true beauty of oak used in Mission Style furniture. Today white oak has become very difficult to obtain and most can only find or afford standard red oak for new items.

What is also missing from that period and has now become prized collector pieces is the many Mission Style coat and hat racks.

Hat and coat racks were very common in homes offices and commercial buildings. The clothing attire was very formal during the Arts and Crafts Period as well with ladies coats, and men’s suit jackets, overcoats and hats. All these clothing accessories needed a place to land when people were at home, visiting or enjoying an evening meal out.

Today the dress code is very informal and a good solid functional coat rack is hard to come by especially during the winter months. Most families end up cluttering the home and furnishings with coats, hats and gloves. 

The Amish who also love the true beauty of solid oak Craftsman Style furniture have been producing items just as they were being made at the turn of the Century.

The Amish also practice sustainable forestry allowing them to continue to harvest beautiful white oak logs and mill it for their wood furniture and accessories.  

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the Amish country to find these items. USA Amish handcrafted Mission Style furniture, coat and hat racks are available online at Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft Works is a unique online store bringing back old fashioned products of charm and integrity still being made in the USA by the Amish.

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