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Thursday, November 10, 2016

USA Made Stoneware Crocks, Bowls, Baking Dishes, Water Coolers

Cottage Craft Works provides vintage reproduction USA stoneware. Classic American Heritage blue stripe mixing bowls, baking dishes, and water crocks. Cottage Craft Works Stoneware

Cottage Craft Works USA stoneware uses no lead or cadmium is dishwasher and oven safe.

Traditional blue stripe is available on all the stoneware as well as custom colors and personalization for heirloom quality gifts. 

USA old fashioned water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks are the most ordered stoneware items. As people source, away from municipal water supplies to bottle water they are finding these old-time water crocks as a great solution to their drinking water needs.  

Made in America pottery using no lead or cadmium is very difficult to find making this a popular shopping site.

As people are looking to return to simpler times and their childhood memories the old-fashioned blue stripe stoneware vintage mixing and baking dishes are making a comeback.

Many found memories were developed by surrounding grandma as she mixed up a batch of homemade cookies in her blue stripe stoneware bowl.  Sizes from 8” to 16” are still available at Cottage Craft Works.

Stoneware batter bowls are also very popular and are still be given as wedding gifts to the made from scratch cooking bride to be. They resemble a large cup with a cup handle on one side and a pouring spout on the opposite side. 

Batter bowl sizes are available in ¼, ½, and 1-gallon capacity. Batter bowls allow for all the ingredients to be added and mixed together in one bowl for such things as cake, cookie, and pancake batters and then poured directly into the cooking utensil.

Stoneware baking dishes are also making a comeback because of the thicker sides and special designs allow for better heat retention and overall cooking satisfaction.  

The potbelly designs provide a steam cooking effect using less water.  This old-time pottery is practical for everyday use especially being that it is all dishwasher and microwave safe. 

You will also discover hard to find grease jars, pottery crocks, butter churns and pottery pitchers and pitcher and bowl wash sets.  The pitcher and bowl wash sets are popular for church cleansing ceremonies.

Do expect to wait 3-4 weeks for custom and personalized items. The small family owned shop in Texas that makes all the stoneware pottery for Cottage Craft Works still makes each piece by hand, so plan accordingly for gift ordering.

Cottage Craft Works at is a full line online old fashioned general store chocked full of quality practical wares and goods used during vintage off grid times.

All USA Stoneware Can Be Custom Painted
USA Made Water Bottle Crock
USA Made 16" Blue Stripe Stoneware Bowl
USA Stoneware Bowls
USA Made Stoneware Batter Bowls
USA Made Stoneware Butter Churns
USA Made Water Coolers

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