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Monday, December 12, 2016

Vintage old-fashioned kitchenware, gadgets

Discover a treasure trove of old-fashioned kitchenware-gadgets still American made just as they were in the early times in the USA Amish communities.

Deep in the Amish communities back on some of the hardest to reach back roads small family shops and factories are still churning out high-quality kitchenware and gadgets from vintage American times.

Why you may ask?  Well the Amish you see still live a simple conservative life without grid connected power. They still depend on the most old-fashioned products to continue this lifestyle.

When the country moved forward with grid power during the mid-1900s the Amish were left behind and soon found themselves moving from what was the mainstream of products for everyone to having only things with electric cords or operated by electric kitchen appliances that they could no longer use.

This started the Amish manufacturing revolution not commonly studied or talked about. Basically, the Amish had to move into manufacturing or contracting with companies to continue a steady flow of off-grid basic simple vintage products for the future generation of Amish families who would continue the off-grid simple lifestyles.

American made products are very desirable. Amish products are in very high demand and here’s why.

The Amish haven’t been tempted by corporate and shareholder influences. 

The Amish still make or acquire products that they can use themselves and depend on lasting a lifetime well on into the next generations.

What has occurred elsewhere is a proliferation of jobs leaving America and the flooding of cheaper imported products has caused many Americans to revolt to the point they just don’t like to purchase anything that is not made in America bringing them full circle back to looking for the type of old-fashioned items still being made in the Amish communities.

Many are also concerned about the potential loss of grid power caused by some type of economic chaos, from terrorism as well as the uncertainties from around the world. Others are deeply concerned with the overall safety of our food chain.

Multiply all these concerns and understandably we have a rebirth of wanting to get back to the simpler life that the Amish seem to enjoy.  Growing their on food, processing, and cooking from scratch at home.

Many are discovering that the Amish made products work much better and faster than some of the modern-day clones of the old vintage products.

Sure, the Amish made products will cost more but, it is all about getting what you pay for.  One sharp USA made tool is much better than the stack of tools in the tool shed that isn't useable.

Most Amish especially the old order Amish settlements have very little access to the outside world over the Internet so people have a hard time finding their products.

One source is Cottage Craft an online general store featuring some of the hardest to find Amish products.

The owners of Cottage Craft Works started the company over a decade ago to provide the same products they had spent 30 years in discovering to others.

The outcome has been phenomenal according to Paul and Liz Stevens cofounders. The Stevens have also built the company on old-fashioned family values and customer service that they have learned in their previous years in dealing with the public. It is still a company where someone will answer the phone and you can talk to the actual owner. 

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