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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Custom Design Amish Quilts

To our knowledge we are the only store on the Internet that allows you to custom design your own Amish quilt. Like most of our handcrafted products, this makes us very unique. We let you to select your pattern; we then let you select your basic color theme. If this doesn’t work for you, we will let you send us your own pattern and even the material or sample swatches to fit your own taste. All of these options and considering our prices, you will find we are very competitive to those already off the shelf. All of this delicate handwork from scratch does take time, as much as 3 months time. So if you are in a hurry to have a quilt, we probably are not going to be the source for you. If you want to build a family heirloom, or match your personal taste, then that is what this section is all about.

Cottage Craft Works features a self-sufficient non-electric general store. Best known for their handcrafted hunting and game calls, Cottage Craft Works New General Store features close to 1000 products including Amish built buggies, horse & tack, Amish furniture, garden tools, beekeeping equipment, apple & wine presses, kitchen wares, Amish quilts, sewing cabinets, chicken coops, poly lawn furniture, fishing, hunting, and an expanded hunting and game call selection. Cottage Craft Works is dedicated to the small cottage based businesses, featuring quality handcrafted products. Custom replacement gun stocks, gun stock engraving, oil paintings and wood burning artisan work are also available. The official site is follow us on face book at Cottage Craft Works fan page.

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