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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Windmills >Aluminum Aerator Windmill 20'

Windmills >Aluminum Aerator Windmill 20'

Aluminum Aerator Windmill 20'Aluminum Aerator Windmill 20'
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20 Ft Aluminum Aerator Windmill

These are actual working windmills built to aerate and maintain water quality in a pond.  Without oxygen pond water becomes stagnate, dirty, smelly and full of bacteria.  In the Northern states plants die in the winter and fall to the bottom of the pond.  As plants decompose oxygen levels become reduced.  In the summer and in the Southern states where temperatures remain hot, fertile ponds can develop an Oxygen Devoid Layer.  An oxygen devoid layer can develop in late summer which not only reduces the area in which fish can inhabit, but can cause a fall fish kill when water cools and the oxygen devoid layer mixes with the rest of the pond.   

Aeration helps mix the water with oxygen to get to the bottom of the pond, and aides in providing cleaner water.

Our aerator windmill towers are built from aluminum and use stainless steel nuts and bolts to provide a rust free long lasting structure.  A 60” diameter fan with stainless steel shaft will provide approx. 3 cubic feet of air at 12 miles per hour.  The fan shaft connects to a rubber membrane diffuser, and comes with 100’ of ½” airline.  The unit will produce air flow in winds of 3-5 mph, and has an automatic slow down in high winds.  This is a very low maintenance and long lasting windmill.  Sizes come in 20’ and 30’ Select below, 30' price difference will show as an additional (+) on to the 20' price.

Windmills are priced F.O.B Northern Indiana.  They can only ship by common carrier.  We can obtain a shipping price quote once the deliver location is determined.

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