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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Custom Handcarved Gun Stocks | Replacement Gun Stock:

Imagine exquisitely detailed images of your favorite hunting scenes—right on your gun stock! This talented Amish artisan can detail fabulous hunting scenes into your favorite gun stock, or one of our custom replacement gun stocks. This is just one of the custom made item available at
Cottage Craft Works is a unique General Store featuring nearly 1000 back to basic handcrafted items for home, garden, farm and ranch. Hunting, and custom made replacement gun stocks, and game calls are our beginnings. Check OUT Our Gun Stocks BELOW:

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Custom Replacement Gun Stocks and Custom Hand-carved Gun Stocks
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 A Custom Replacement Gun Stock (Please Read Before Viewing Stock  A Custom Replacement Gun Stock (Please Read Before Viewing Stock  Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service) Buy Now 
 At CCW We Have 1000+ Gun Stocks, Just A Few Listed Below  At CCW We Have 1000+ Gun Stocks, Just A Few Listed Below  Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service) Buy Now 
 Birchwood Casey Gun Finish Products  Birchwood Casey Gun Finish Products  Price- N/A (Product Info Page or Quote Based Service) Buy Now 
 Browning A5 Buttstock  Browning A5 Buttstock  $86.25 Buy Now 
 Browning A5 Forearm/Forend  Browning A5 Forearm/Forend  $68.75 Buy Now 
 Browning BAR Rifle Buttstock  Browning BAR Rifle Buttstock  $86.25 Buy Now 
 Browning BAR Rifle Forearm/Forend  Browning BAR Rifle Forearm/Forend  $69.00 Buy Now 
 Browning BT99 Buttstock  Browning BT99 Buttstock  $120.50 Buy Now 
 Browning BT99 Forearm/Forend  Browning BT99 Forearm/Forend  $69.00 Buy Now 
 Example Exhibition Feathercrotch 2 piece Blank  Example Exhibition Feathercrotch 2 piece Blank  $1,500.00 Buy Now 
 Example Extra Fancy Walnut 2 Piece Blank  Example Extra Fancy Walnut 2 Piece Blank  $437.00 Buy Now 
 Inletters Black 1/2 oz Container  Inletters Black 1/2 oz Container  $16.00 Buy Now 
 Lin-Speed Gunstock Oil  Lin-Speed Gunstock Oil  $10.35 Buy Now 
 Remington Rolling Block Forearm/Forend  Remington Rolling Block Forearm/Forend  $51.75 Buy Now 
 Remington Rolling Block Stock  Remington Rolling Block Stock  $86.25 Buy Now 
 Winchester Model 12 Forearm/Forend  Winchester Model 12 Forearm/Forend  $69.00 Buy Now 
 Winchester Model 12 Stock  Winchester Model 12 Stock  $86.25 Buy Now 
 Winchester Model 1892-94 Forearm/Forend  Winchester Model 1892-94 Forearm/Forend  $57.50 Buy Now 
 Winchester Model 1892-94 Stock  Winchester Model 1892-94 Stock  $80.50 Buy Now 
 Winchester Model 70 Rifle Stock Gun stocks Winchester Model 70 Rifle Stock  $195.50 Buy Now


  1. Thanks so much for the great information about replacement gun stocks! I have been trying to find out more information about them and I feel like this has really helped!

  2. That is beautiful sir.. I am actually looking for some replacement gun stocks as a b day gift for my father in law, where can I find these?

  3. Now these are cool. I personally want to get some replacement gun stocks for me and my father in law. How much do these cost?

  4. Ive only seen replacement gun stocks like this. Can you take the original and carve it? I would love that! How do you do it?


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