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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green Bicycle Cargo Trailers >Bike Cart For Bikes | Bicycle Trailer:

Bike Cart For Bikes | Bicycle Trailer   $412.65  Buy Now

Bicycle Cargo Trailers
Bike Cart For Bikes | Bicycle Trailer   $412.65  Buy Now

All Aluminum Bike Cart. Use this heavy built cart to transport supplies in warehouse operations, police emergency response gear, vendor carts, or just going down to the local grocery store. It is prefect for Island living or where normal cars and trucks are restricted. Carts are built from light weight aluminum. The carts have a quick rubber donut hitch that hooks just under the bicycle seat. No additional hitch is needed on the bike, making these carts easily used on any bike. A Kick down stand is standard. Cart weights just 32 lbs and has 26” bike tires. Box measures 32” x 30”x 15” deep and has an optional vinyl cover listed below. Shipping is included in the price. Pictures also show our smaller bike cart.

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