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Monday, September 13, 2010

Combo Turkey Calls | Custom Combo Turkey Call | Game Calls | Game Call

Our famous original Combo Turkey/Crow/Owl/Hawk Call, no need to fumble with multiple calls to locate and call in the big gobbler. This Beautiful call is handcrafted from walnut, mahogany, and purple heart hardwoods. It is 9" long, 3-1/2 tall, and 1-3/4" wide. By covering the smaller thumb holes on the side the call provides dual high and low sounds for the crow, owl, and hawk. The actual turkey box call has a short and long sounding board on each side to provide a high and low pitch. These dual options provide suburb sound quality. It is a unique work of art, that works extremely well in the field. This call is sure to become a cherished family heirloom.
WILD TURKEY -Street Sign hunter hunting call signs gift

Brent Overton is one hard core turkey hunter. He hunts turkeys in several different states each year. This year he used his New Combo Call from CCW exclusively. He was just tired of using all the plastic and unnatural calls on the shelves of all the sporting goods stores. When he first saw the Original Combo Call, he just knew he had to have one. The picture to the side is just one of the trophy birds he lured in with his Combo Call during the spring of 2010. He was simply amazed at how the older wiser birds responded to the crisp natural tone of the Combo Call. He helped his wife lure in a similar sized bird then went to another state and repeated the process. He worked for hours using all four of the call features to work this illusive bird in for the kill. He is convinced that he couldn’t have bagged this one with just his traditional turkey calls. He now also has the 4 Star Combo Call and can’t decide which one he likes the most. He writes, if you’re looking for a quality call made from natural wood for a natural realistic sound from the owl at first light to the crow and hawk at mid-day and the hen turkey that old Tom can't resist the Combo Calls from CCW.

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