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Monday, September 13, 2010

Predator Call and Other Calls

Coon Squaller $10.50 Click Here
Coon Squaller $10.5

This is a handsomely crafted wooden Raccoon call. Featuring a inlaid image of a Coon comes with lanyard. Crafted from maple wood, this compact coon squaller can be a great help to locate that big raccoon hiding in the crotch of the tall oak. Also doubles as a shock gobbler for turkey season.

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Coyote Howler $13.00 Click Here
Coyote Howler $13.00 Click Here

This is a wonderfully crafted wooden call for Coyotes, measures 7-1/4" long. Featuring a hardwood base with an engraved image of a coyote. Has adjustable tube for various pitch and tone. Comes with lanyard. Option natural or white glazed base. Coyote Hunting Calls | Predator Calls | Predator Hunting Calls | Hunt Coyotes | Game Calls

Available Options:

Crow Call $10.50 Click Here

Crow Call $10.50 Click Here
If you're trying to stir up a crow's nest or get that Ole' Gobbler, this is a very easy call to master. The Crow is one of the most clever birds in the field, make them work for you!

Crow call features all natural woods and a image of a Crow engraved into it, includes the lanyard.

Hawk Call $10.50 Click Here

Hawk Call $10.50 Click Here

This is a handsomely crafted Hawk Call. Featuring all natural woods and a beautiful finish just like our other signature calls, produces the sounds of a Red Tailed Hawk, comes with a lanyard.

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