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Monday, January 31, 2011

Turkey Box Call Kits | Half Moon Turkey Box Call | Turkey Calls

Turkey Box Call Kits | Turkey Calls
We offer one of our most popular Turkey Box Calls now in a kit form. Everything is cut, sanded and ready to finish. They make a wonderful kids project, father and son project or a nice handmade Christmas gift. This is a project that will provide life long memories, sure to become a family heirloom. Prefect to add carvings or wood burned pictures of the favorite hunting event. Get them at on hunting calls then click on turkey calls

If you're a do-it-yourselfer or enjoy woodworking, here's the opportunity to build your own 7" turkey box call Kit, similar to our Sweet Water Call.  Simple in design, easy to assemble, you will be able to glue it, drill the pilot hole, chalk the lid, assemble the call and talk turkey.  Leave it natural for a very inexpensive box call, or be as creative as you wish.  Varnish, paint, write on it, wood burn designs, hand carve, or decorate it as you choose.

This call makes a great father and son project,  a youth group project, or a unique handcrafted gift.  E-mail us for quantity discounts.

Walnut base, popular sides, and a walnut paddle.

Complete Turkey Box Call Kit | (Turkey Call Product) Buy Now
Complete Turkey Box Call Kit | (Turkey Call Product)   $8.00

Turkey Calls >Half Moon Turkey Box Call

Half Moon Turkey Box Call   Half Moon Turkey Box Call   $27.50  Buy Now

If you’re looking for a turkey call with a big sound yet attractive, this is it.  An all wood handcrafted box call with class.  The halfmoon call has been a winner for years and is one of our most popular box calls. These calls simple sound as great as they look, images engraved in the side, along with a beautiful finish show off the hardwoods, making this handsome heirloom quality call something you will want to proudly display during the off season. These always draw a crowd when we bring them out.

The Halfmoon Call Features an 8" paddle, 6" base, halfmoon sounding boards, provide a rich yelp. The halfmoon design provides an inset for the sounding boards.  This allows the call to be gripped without touching and muffling the sounding boards.

This call can be used in various applications and conditions; by dragging the paddle slowly over the lip you can imitate a low mating yelp of a hen, change the angle of the paddle slightly and move the paddle with more or less rhythm to change the pitch, to produce a purr or to alter the yelps, tap the paddle against the lip to obtain the cluck or cut, hold the call at the bottom and shake to produce a quick gobble. Work the call more aggressively to challenge a tom’s territory.  Hit the cycles harder for even windy days.  The call works in all positions to fit a turkey hunter’s personal preference.   This call has made many successful hunts and will become one of your favorites.

From Top to Bottom:

1st Call-Cherry Paddle, Poplar Sides, Walnut Base

2nd Call-Walnut Paddle, Poplar Sides, Walnut Base

3rd Call- All Cedar

Not Pictured: Cherry Paddle, Poplar Sides, Cherry Base

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