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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Skunk Problems? | Get Rid of Skunks:

Skunk Problems? We've found how to get rid of them!

Many household family members that own outside pets get sick and tired of cleaning their dogs or cats after their pets getting sprayed by a very mad skunk.    What’s worst is having a skunk nest nearby and causing more headaches or when skunk mating season happens, they sure multiple!

How do you get rid of them?
We did some necessary research and discovered a simple trick to catch them.
Find a appropriate size live trap cage and put some cheap sardines in the cage.  You are all set.  But wait, when you trap the skunk; how do you dispose it and how do prevent yourself not getting sprayed?

Simple!    Use a black trash bag around the outside of the cage and put some some wooden boards on the cage to hold the bag down from the wind.  It makes the skunk think it’s going into a dark cave or a nest when it finds the bait in the cage. 

How do you kill them?

You can shoot it!  or if there’s a nearby lake, river, creek or a barrel of water (big enough to put the cage in),  you can drown it.   We have 1.5 acre lake and drag the cage by using a 7 foot pole with a hook.  After waiting 5-10 minutes,   we take them out of the cage and bury them.

Since Jan 6th, we have captured 12 skunks and two big Possums!  You might attract other animals like stray cats.

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