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Friday, April 22, 2011

CORE Pro Balance Board -Revolution CORE Pro Balance Training System

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 Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Board   Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Board   $225.00  Buy Now

Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance BoardBilly Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance BoardBilly Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Board

The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Training System
For The Vestibular Sensing System

(Billy Board® designed & created by Dr. Billy Hartz Professor at the University of WA.)
Original design by Dr. Billy Hartz, is highly recommended by Dr. Kate Montgomery, ND. The Billy Board® REVolution CORE Pro balance training system has been used for over 20 years in vision and sports therapy for vestibular balance and rehabilitation.

Amish Quality Handcrafted for years of service!

Now You Can Train Four Multi-Dimensional Systems AT ONCE! 

  • Core Balance System

  • Core Muscle System

  • Core Sensing System

  • Core Brain Training 

A Revolution in Balance 

When Aristotle decided that there are only five senses, he under estimated the complexity of the human organism. He neglected the all-important sense of balance, the sixth sense. Today, and some 2,400 years later, we are just beginning to understand the vital role that balance plays in our health. Recent medical and scientific discoveries have put us at the threshold of a revolution in the study of perception. And, especially of balance.

The Right Turn To A Well-Balanced life 

The missing dimension in most fitness programs – indeed in our daily lives is Balance. We’ve long understood the relationship between movement and coordination and balance. Now we’re learning that the same sensing system that controls motion sickness can also create difficulty seeing, hearing, and touch. Even our ability to learn is affected by balance. Exercises which enhance our balance stimulate a component in our brain that makes learning easier! The vestibular sensing system has several functions. 'CORE' BALANCE is the most well known. It also plays a significant role in posture, 'CORE' MUSCLE tone, coordination, vision, hearing, All 'CORE' SENSES, arousal and 'BRAIN TRAINING'. Problems in the vestibular sensing system can result in poor balance, blurred vision, vertigo, spatial disorientation, learning problems, muscles too taught, increased heart rate and increased respiration.

What The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Training System Can Do For You:  

The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro can ‘Fine-Tune’ and ‘Tune-Up’ your Vestibular Sensing System! The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro is an exciting, precision, rotational skill disc that develops coordination, dynamic equilibrium and balance. Simply by varying the incline of the disc, you control the degree of difficulty and challenge. The steeper the incline, the harder it is to stay in control and the harder your balance system works. The goal is to use the Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro at its maximum incline-with your eyes closed – and still maintain balance and control! When you first take your first spins on the Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro, and stop, you will notice a slight dizziness. This is called nystagmus. It is your eyes moving quickly from side to side. Wait for this to clear and resume spinning. If there is an increase in nystagmus, or a long recovery period, nausea, increased heart rate, breaks out in a cold sweat, decrease the number of spins, lower the incline and continue at a slower rate. Continue to spin daily, 1-2 times a day, five (5) spins in each direction until the nystagmus disappears. We suggest oscillating back and forth in each direction to get use to the disc. Learn to shift your weight from one foot to another and control the speed and rate of spin. Recommended: Wear a rubber sole shoe, such as a tennis shoe for more stability when using the Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro.

Fining Tuning & Tuning Up Your Vestibular Sensing System

Most of us don’t realize how ‘out of balance’ we are. Or that we depend on our vision to keep us upright. Because we are not aware of what our bodies do to stay balanced. We just know that if we lose our balance, we fall over. Our balance is controlled by our vestibular sensing system, a wondrous and complex mechanism in our inner ear made up of tiny fluid-filled receptors that detect movement. Even the slightest shift in our position – real or imagined- alerts the tiny hairs in the system, which instantly sends a signal to our brain, which in turn, commands the appropriate muscles to react to ‘steady’ us. It’s one of the wonders of the human body. When it’s not working right, neither are we.

The Benefits And Rewards of Using the Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro 

It is good to know that we can ‘tune-up’ our vestibular system in much the same way we can tune-in our ear to music…and actually improve our sense of balance. Many yoga postures, tai chi and aikido movements improve balance, as does riding a bicycle, skiing, surfing, ice & roller blading, as does ‘walking the rails’ on train tracks! And… so does regular practice on your Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro. The more you use it, the more you will ‘finetune’ and ‘tune-up’ your vestibular system! The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro is fun and easy to use just about anywhere: in your office, along on a trip (it is very portable), even out on the deck, at the beach or at the ski slopes. It can go anywhere! The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro is great for the ‘aging’ population, as balance is one of the many things we begin to lose as we grow older. The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro can be use by anyone willing to spend the time, having fun spinning, and the result is a better sense of balance. Whenever you take a spin on your Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro, it is the right turn to a well-balanced life!

The Amazing Vestibular System 

Our brain constantly monitors the positions of our head and body by means of the vestibular system.  The labyrinth – a group of three semicircular canals in the vestibular system-each at right angles to the other two. Whenever we move our head-to nod it, shake it, or tilt it- one or more of these canals detects the movement and relays the information to the brain. The brain coordinates this information with other signals from our kinesthetic system (our motor system), and causes our body to do whatever is necessary to stay in balance. The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Training System ‘fine-tunes’ the vestibular system and helps us maintain a well-balanced life and a better quality of life.

The Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro combines spinning with a variable incline adjustment from 0 to 17 degrees, the greater the incline the greater the challenge to maintain balance. Children and adults can stand, sit, lie, or kneel on the disc.

The Billy Board® is handcrafted and hand-assembled by an experienced Amish craftsman. The Billy Board® is of wood design with a sturdy base with a weight of 16 lbs, a non-skid surface with an easy carry handle. Used daily, it can help to improve vestibular balance, coordination, strength, muscle tone, focus and concentration.

The Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro is a great addition as a training device for professional and amateur sports athletes where balance and quick response gives a competitive edge! The Billy Board® has been used worldwide over the past 20+ years for vestibular-ocular rehabilitation, in schools to enhance balance and learning, and at present in Australia with children and adults with ASD.

***It may also benefit those who have traumatic brain injury, the senior population - to prevent the possibility of falling. Achieving balance is the Key to your youth and vitality!

For children of all ages, the Billy Board®REVolution Core Pro offers the same long standing clinical documented results of a traditional balance board except now there is the additional challenge of a variable incline + spinning disc. This will challenge a child’s (and adult) brain to work harder at balance and in training their brain to learn as the incline is increased or decreased. This may help many children with common attention deficit disorders toward their improvement in concentration, minimizing behaviors leading to improved school grades, social life, overall confidence, and a feeling of equality amongst peer groups to prepare for adulthood.

Here is what Vision Therapists have to say about the Billy Board®

“The Billy Board® quickly became my favorite enhancement to vision therapy, providing
Opportunity for the most intense vestibular stimulation I had found.”
___Kama L. Hunter, COVTT, MA
American Family Vision Clinic; Family Doctors of Optometry
Olympia, Washington

“We use the Billy Board® to stimulate the vestibular and visual systems of our patients. It is very
Important for our patients in vision therapy to be aware of their sense of balance; The Billy Board™ Balance Skill Disc provides a unique method to help us achieve our goals.”
___Leslie Rosenberg, Jan McMillian and Elizabeth Ratliff
Vision Therapists for Dr. Robert L. Toler, Optometrist.
Apex, North Carolina

“We have used the Billy Board® in our therapy for over 5 years now and it has added another
Dimension to the level of our therapy. We find it has helped significantly in two areas: Bilateral
Development and Orientation and Automaticity to Binocular Training.”
___Curtis R. Baxstrom, MA, OD
Northwest Vision Development Center
Federal Way, Washington

“The Billy Board® plays a very important part in our Sports Vision Training Program. IT
encompasses various visual and visual-motor skills, including eye tracking, focusing, flexibility,
eye-hand coordination, and peripheral reflexes. It teaches a lower center of gravity and enables you to use your weight shift and not fight it. Balance integrates all of these together an must be included in any comprehensive sports vision program.”
___Dr. Donald Tieg, OD, FAAO
The Institute of Sports Vision
Ridgefield, Connecticut

“The Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with an initial assessment prior to a spinal adjustment and as a follow-up to help maintain the patients care. As a neural integration tool, I feel the Billy Board® can help promote consolidation of the neurological stimulus we create with each and every chiropractic adjustment allowing the body to quickly assimilate the stimulus and change.”
___John de Voy, DC, DO,
Wynyard Chiropractic
Sydney, Australia
July 2010

“I am an optometrist who specializes in neuro-developmental optometry through visual function. Along with nutrition, movement, and lenses, I have added the Billy Board® REVolution CORE Pro as part of the many tools used in my programs. I have used the Billy Board® for over a year and am very happy with the progress my patients gain from using it. I highly recommend it as part of any neuro-developmental program for vision enhancement/correction.”
___Dr. Thorkild Rasmussen, OD, FCOD
Skive, Denmark June, 2010

(Demonstrated at the European Kraskin/Skeffington Symposium on vision in Denmark 2010)

CAUTIONARY WARNING: Billy Board® REVolution Core Pro 



Regardless of the instructions provided, the Billy Board® is a device designed to spin freely and utilizes the forces of gravity to help achieve the optimum level of balance.  It will cause different levels of dizziness as the individual adjusts to regaining their balance.  



Because it is a moving object, there is always a chance the device may catch you off balance causing a potential fall with serious injury leading to and including the potential of death.  
Extreme caution and focused concentration should be utilized at all times when in use. If you are already unsteady, weak, or easily caught off balance, the device should ONLY be used in a supervised, standby, assisted environment until it is safe to practice on by Self.  
Extreme caution and personal protection should always be utilized. If you have experienced a major medical occurrence creating the need to regain balance in a licensed rehabilitation center the Billy Board® should ONLY be used under the supervision of a qualified therapist where safe practice can be achieved.    
The Billy Board® should be used in an area which is free of surrounding objects, glass windows, sharp corners or surfaces that may cause serious injury if a fall should occur.    
Although the Billy Board® is fun for children ‘IT IS NOT A TOY’.    
Used improperly personal injury can easily occur.
The same precautions and adult supervision should be used to ensure the child is always using the Billy Board® in a safe therapeutic manner.  



Search Results For:
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 Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Board   Billy Board® Revolution CORE Pro Balance Board   $225.00  Buy Now

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