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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walk Behind Yard and Garden Sprayer:

If you need to cover a large area, but don’t have the tractor to pull a yard sprayer, or are unable to use a garden tractor in an enclosed courtyard area, this sprayer might be a great option.  This walk behind sprayer provides a 10 gallon spray tank mounted on an easy push aluminum frame cart.  The cart has a space for a regular deep cycle 12 volt battery, has a boom sprayer mounted on the front and a wand sprayer with hose mounted on the side.  This sprayer is perfect for nursery operations, sports fields, small lawns, courtyards, and other large areas where using a hand sprayer is not practical but driving in a tractor is not either.

The sprayer is perfect for spraying other items such as large scale floor care, non flammable industrial cleaners, remote industrial cooling and metal tempering, or remove the boom and just use the wand sprayer for watering indoor plants.  The sprayer is a perfect setup for fighting small scale grass fires, and other standby fire protection during such events as fireworks displays.  Set in front of a small boat and spray aqua based weeds and grasses in small ponds.

The walk behind sprayer is Amish made, meaning it is quality built for years of service.  It is available at Cottage Craft Works; a company that has a full online general store dedicated to the cottage based small American made business.  You can find them on line at

 Yard and Garden Sprayer.

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