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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Double Trouble Leather Holster | Custom Leather Holster:

Now introducing; “The Double Trouble Holster” a side-by-side dual carry holster exclusive from
Cottage Craft Works A Unique General Store:

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Now a much better and more comfortable conceal carry holster option when the job requires you to carry two heavy caliber pistols at all times!

The Double Trouble leather holster was custom designed for a group of professional casino security and body guards who were seeking relief from having to lug around hot shoulder holsters weighted by two heavy pistols and loaded clips for an entire shift.  Professional casino security and body guards are required to carry two pistols at all times they are on duty.  They are not alone with this issue, as many other professional security and body guards are also required to carry two pistols.  The Double Trouble Holster eliminates having to manage two separate holsters under a suit coat or jacket. There is also no awkward cross over the chest to draw from the opposite side, simply reach back and draw one at a time or both at the same time.

The Double Trouble side-by-side dual carry concealed holster is designed  to accommodate two small frame automatic pistols such as a 45 caliber or 1911  4"-6" pistol. The Double Trouble holster provides easy access to draw either right or left hand from behind the back.  The belt secure clip holster is designed to go inside the pants right in the small of the back, (middle of the back) and clip over the belt. The inside of the holster provides a 12" saddle across the back, which is much more comfortable in a standing or sitting position than just a single carry holster in the small of the back.

This American hand crafted leather holster is cut from 8oz premium American tanned leather and then double stitched with heavy duty stitching.  It is equipped with two heavy duty secure clip stainless belt clips, which are then riveted into the holster.  Secure clips means the clip fits over the belt then has another metal tab that locks under the belt. Unlike a standard belt clip on a cell phone case or tape measure, the secure clips are not as likely to pop off during, sitting, bending, kneeling, or when the weapon is drawn from the holster.  The stainless steel clips also help keeps the holster in place in case there is a scuffle or rolling on the ground. The clips are designed to fit up to a 1-1/2” wide belt.   The Double Trouble is made to endure years of service and hard daily use.

The Double Trouble is just one heavy duty professional grade custom holster that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.  If you are an individual with conceal and carry permit and want double protection (legally allowed in your state), or you are a professional required to pack two pistols, this holster is especially made just for you.

The Double Trouble holster weighs 15oz, measures 12-1/4” trigger guard to trigger guard 8-1/2” tall and fits down in the waistline  4-3/4” from the top of the belt, leaving 3-1/2” of the holster above the waist line.
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