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Friday, May 6, 2011

Garden Tools | Back to Basics >Lil Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator

Garden Tools | Back to Basics Lil Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator

This is the very same quality product as the famous Single Wheel Hoe; our Lil Double Wheel Hoe has another wheel and axle added.  This stabilizes the wheel hoe and enables it to straddle the row for cultivating the plants up to 6” high. It also makes the Wheel Hoe much more stable allowing it to handle larger attachment options.  The handles can be adjusted to accommodate the gardener’s height.  The Lil Double Wheel Hoe come standard with four (4) cultivator teeth.

You may select either the steam bent handles or pistol grip handles, both options are the same price.

Order other attachments below, attachments will add in increments to the total price.  Shipping and handling charges will apply at checkout.

Plow attachments are powder coated & built to last. Used in a pair they can be positioned to be used as a hiller or as a furrower

Three sizes of hoes 6”, 8”, and 12”  Purchase spreader bar 14-3/4 long Add-on #7 below to setup two (a pair) 6" hoes on each side. You will need to purchase a pair (2) of  6" hoes plus the spreader bar.

Sweeps are powder coated made of stamp steel and cast iron.  They are easily adjusted wing shaped cutters for various row widths.  The sweeps are designed for shallow cultivation so that feeder root damage does not occur while eliminating weeds from the garden.  Sweeps can be turned inward for a stirrup-hoe setup to clean weeds from the middle rows, and then can be turned outward to eliminated weeds near plants without damage to the plant foliage.   Sweeps are sold in pairs under add-on option #8

Purchase option #1 Standard Wheel Hoe with steam bent handles or Standard Wheel Hoe with pistol grip handles.

Garden Tools | Back to Basics Lil Double Wheel Hoe Cultivator

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