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Friday, June 10, 2011

Aluminum Slate Combo Friction Pot Slate Calls-Turkey Slate Calls:

 Turkey Slate Calls | Aluminum Slate Combo Friction Pot Slate Call  $33.00  Buy Now

No need to purchase a turkey combo kit and keep up with two turkey pot calls.  This Combo Aluminum/Slate call features the same quality as our single surface call, but also allows a slate surface on the opposite side. The call is 4" wide with 1-3/4" inset slate call.  Choose between walnut or laminate selections below.

Strikers are sold separately, under our striker selectionor Click Here
Be sure to purchase the leather belt holster Click Here for more information

 Turkey Slate Calls | Aluminum Slate Combo Friction Pot Slate Ca   $33.00  Buy Now

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