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Friday, June 10, 2011

Turkey Call Striker Sticks- Turkey Calls:

 Turkey Call Striker Sticks   $6.00  Buy Now

These striker sticks are used for any of the Friction Calls and come in a variety of different hardwood options including laminated. We offer the standard striker with a straight flat tip, which most hunters prefer. We also offer a deluxe version with a flared beveled tip for an additional $2. The flared tip provides more contact surface at the end. Both versions offer a well balanced striker stick for any skill level hunter. If you wish to order a variety of strikers, choose one of the options below, add to your cart and return to add more striker options.

 Turkey Call Striker Sticks  $6.00 Buy Now

Cottage Craft Works BY Cottage Craft Works PRODUCTS™

From Left To Right:

Walnut, Bubinga, Zebra Wood, Laminated, Cherry,

Yellow Heart, Purple Heart, Ebony,

Ash, Maple, Paduak

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